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  1. just runs to quest location stands still and dies!



    was fine then added some things to the buddy store thing 


    now it doesnt work at all.


    using WOW 6.0

    Newest release of honorbuddy.


    Please login or register to see this link.

    thats my log


    Thanks for help in advance

  2. Hello 

    Honorbuddy v2.5.12479.763 

    newest Live wow Patch

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      <<< My(Log)


    Basically last night i was botting whilst watching a few films everything was working fine.botted for around 4hours then i turned the bot off and went to bed.


    Woke up this morning the bot is logging in and is attached to wow.


    but i can click nothing no bots in the drop down menu ect?


    Ive reinstalled HB ive tried Repair i dont know what 2 do


    im greatful for any help


    Thank you.

  3. I know this might Sound Noobish but can any1 help me install Dugis Guide please just a few details like were to put the folders ect


    Thanks in advance.



    never mind its just like a normal addon  is this for WOD also?



    Edit cuz i was stupid lol


    thanks for this tho :)