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  1. Account list have been updated! Updated : 2019-05-20 Free trial ends: 2019-06-03
  2. it's probably foxes doesn't have time to maintain the generator if you guys looking for a crunchyroll account, I've registered some premium free trial accounts and posted it on the General Release I manually registered the accounts and I'll try to keep them updated, but please be kind and help me to deactivate the accounts once they expired so that crunchyroll's servers won't get floaded with tons of throw-away accounts
  3. knowing the generator doesn't generate any working account, I registered for 10 (Trial) Preimum accounts I put the account list in here Crunchyroll Free (Trial) Premium Accounts (don't worry, it's a link to my thread on this forum)
  4. I've updated the account list, sorry for the late update
  5. knowing the generator doesn't generate any working Crunchyroll account, here I registered for some (Trial) Premium accounts free to use !! PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE PASSWORDS !! and also please be kind and do me a favor, help me to deactivate these accounts once the premium trials expired I'll try to keep the account list updated