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  1. CD Patcher was an tool to bypass the bossland server authentication and link all connections to codedeception. It is no longer maintained. But today i get the Source of the CD Patcher Backend Server and have start reworking it. It is a good canche to forward the demonbuddy and other buddy to resume the botting
  2. i am using firehack and soapbox rotations with firehack and no ban over 2 months
  3. It means your VPN Connection to Authservers are blocked...
  4. I have ANY routiones of them, but i pay a lot of bucks for that, i think we donÄt shoult support TuanHA as a reason if it is your product you will be angry too. I do not share any from tuan HA ...
  5. Today and in the past i cracked the TukUI Client. What does this crack? It allows you to use the Premium features without payment You can normaly login into your account and use the premium features TukUI Client : Crack :,10323974/ Virus Scan : 1/56 means Malware and that means some inside the code is using ADS etc from external what has nothing to do with the crack.
  6. Old Teleporter updated for the NEW Gossip System into the Core! Credits & Thanks goes to Rochet2 for some examples and helps. Download :
  7. Cracked but not finished, reason is ?! 1) Install Driver Easy Normal 2) Copy Paste the Cracked DLL into install folder "C:\Program Files\Easeware\DriverEasy" 3) Set your License Key If it dosn't work use the licensefile and copy it to "C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Easeware\DriverEasy" Eynjoy and have fun! Cracked by Techniker aka Cloudflare 2016 Virustotal : Download :,11801012/
  8. i think i don't know how to edit it with dnspy