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  1. Glad to hear you guys manage to figure out something. If you need any help from outside, let me know and i can see what i can do. Other than that ill make sure to get VIP and try it out as soon as its released for Pandawow
  2. wasn't it a 5.4.7 build ? However, I did find a version of Honorbuddy for that patch which obviously didn't work but if that helps (just the regular Honorbuddy folder) if that helps anything i can go back and look for it but i guess the problem lays in offsets etc. ?
  3. Pandawow seems super hard to bypass due to their Launcher which is adding 2 .dll files that restrict anything from attaching to the WoW Client. Starting the Client without launcher will close your game within the next 15 seconds. Anyone got Progress on this ? I'd be glad to test out some stuff and report it here.
  4. Great to see the progress. Hows Pandawow doing so far, is there a problem because its 5.4.7 instead of 5.4.8 ?
  5. If someone could get this work for 5.4.8 18414 that would be awesome <3
  6. no answer nvm problem solved reinstalled windows
  7. Here just my log : [10:55:10.368 N] Honorbuddy v2.5.14607.805 started.[10:55:10.482 Q] Honorbuddy was unable to check for an update.Honorbuddy will not be able to update automatically.[10:55:10.483 D] System.ArgumentException: Version string portion was too short or too long. at System.Version.VersionResult.SetFailure(ParseFailureKind failure, String argument) at System.Version.TryParseVersion(String version, VersionResult& result) at System.Version.Parse(String input) at System.Version..ctor(String version) at Honorbuddy.MainWindow.‬‍‬‌‪‮‌‪‍‬‍‪‎‮‌‮‪‏‏‎‍‫‏‌‮‎‮()[10:55:11.696 D] Logging in to BestLatency ([10:55:11.686 N] Logging in...[10:55:12.042 N] T: 5247529067544339036 H: 243121976[10:55:12.285 N] Attaching to D3D11[10:55:12.301 N] Error attaching Honorbuddy to WoW! - System.Exception: Could not find SwapChain::Present function address! at GreyMagic.DirectX..ctor(MemoryBase mem, Boolean dx9) at GreyMagic.Executor..ctor(ExternalProcessMemory memory, ExecutorInitParams initParams) at GreyMagic.ExternalProcessMemory.‫‪‏‍​‫‍‌​‫‮‫‫‪‭‌‎‍​‬‮‪‎‏‏​‮(ExternalProcessMemoryInitParams ) at GreyMagic.ExternalProcessMemory..ctor(ExternalProcessMemoryInitParams initParams) at Styx.StyxWoW.‫‏‍‪‎‬‪‫‪‍‏​‌‎‌‫‍‌‏‍‎‮(Process , GraphicsApi ) at Honorbuddy.MainWindow.anN}j?BR(\]'c~3J\]:n2K\\3gs$.MoveNext() it just instantly close after i pressed login. Thanks for the help in advance ___________________________________________________________________________Update :Actually found out that i have to switch to directx9 ... but as soon as i do that, i have HUGE fps lags and after i start HB my game gonna crash.
  8. The headline is self explained i guess Is there a orb / sphere bot that is avaiable for Pandawow ? patch version : 5.4.8 (18414) I already looked around and found nothing. There was a bot called "wizardry-18414" that should be a Orb bot for 5.4.8 But it won't work and as soon as i start it, my game crashes. found also the same topic here in that forum : Maybe someone here has an idea how to fix that
  9. now its working fine, only yesterday night. I gonna post them if its happen again ty for the help anyways. as i said gonna post my logs when its happen again
  10. as i said, last night, i dc´d like every 5 minutes with the CD patcher
  11. As i said, my CD patcher is lagging .... when i gona bot my wow with "Rebot" i get kicked out like every 5 min. My internet just DC for like 5-10 seconds while CDpatcher is up. My bot worked whole night and did only 1 bg. How is that possible ? and yes i downloaded the newest version. 2. Question : Where is the different between public auth, vip auth etc. ? i mean i can choose everything and i cant feel a different tbh.+ bw
  12. SORRY MAN .. im just a rand .. restarted it and its everything fine .. BIG THANKS ! and great work ! gonna show that i can donate for this asap
  13. well its fine... he keep booting .. but on panda 5.4.8 he will not work well .. he just spam "Join que" so the que pop will instantly dissappear and only appear after / reload