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  1. Also this was quoted from the shoutbox When Pizzaman asked for any proof of the bot, then it all went Radio silent.
  2. Let me quote what people have read
  3. Retail October 21st, 2019 Version: 7.0.21175 EVENTS Minor update for Hallow's End 2019. Classic October 21st, 2019 Version: 1.0.21176 EVENTSAdded Hallow's End Quests - Added quest guide for the event
  4. Seeing you did not say what was broken retail or Classic. I had to check both or guess. Now fixed.
  5. Classic October 20th, 2019 Version: 1.0.21169 ALLIANCE: [Leveling] * Added "Westfall" standalone quest guide. HORDE: [Leveling] * Added "Silverpine Forest" standalone quest guide
  6. @Jauggernut the first ones are the last ones compatible with that expansion patch. Posted for Private servers. The Battle for Azeroth one is the one for that expansion.
  7. Simple reason, I have nothing to update it with. Someone leaked to the dev and the account it came from got banned.
  8. @Superman I have posted every classic release and you hope it works?
  9. More Accounts https://pastebin.com/MTeYgNJM
  10. Classic October 15th, 2019 Version: 1.0.21145 == Guide Viewer == * Fixed issues with talent advisor
  11. Classic October 13th, 2019 Version: 1.0.21133 ALLIANCE: [Leveling] * Polished "Eastern Plaguelands (57-58)" guide. * Polished "Western Plaguelands (58-58)" guide. * Polished "Silithus (58-59)" guide. * Polished "Winterspring (59-60)" guide. HORDE: [Leveling] * Various fixes and improvements. GENERAL: [Gear Advisor] * Updated stat weights. [Talent Advisor] * Added Arms Warrior talent build.
  12. I started this thread on July 26, 2018, just happy it helps people out.
  13. If people did not know, They are making the Auction house addon as part of the guide for Retail. Will have no gold data, due to Classic does not have the way to do that.
  14. Maybe you need to keep on topic and stop trolling. Or stop creating multi accounts. IF you do not like the guide I posted, maybe do not use it
  15. @Helpontheway Seems you have a lot off issues and need help. I told you where to find the guide but sadly you are unable to. I am sorry you lack the knowledge to know what page 1 is. Even though it is the same page you clicked in the first place.