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  1. Latest Gold guides
  2. Part 001: ISBoxer files & Installation Caution: Use at your own risk! I do not take responsibility for any issues with these downloads or links as the are not mine. To get ISBoxer legitimately see http://isboxer.com/ It has links a 7 day free trial, after that it is 50 USD per year. Otherwise use the cracked version by following the instructions below. Install Java Runtime Environment. Follow all the steps in the first post of this thread, apart from step number 2: http://www.blizzhackers.cc/viewtopic.php?f=236&t=494164&sid=c39550fc37c952a860b893f012b27d80 Instead of using the download link from step number 2, use one of these: 32bit – http://www.mediafire.com/download/3nbz0xooomfk46a/auth_srv_32.zip 64bit – http://www.mediafire.com/download/ag0hbigkf91ahb2/auth_srv_64.zip The password is gteam10x The reason we don’t use the one from step 2 is because that one takes forever to load up the game windows. If you are having trouble with the host file in step 3 ensure that you are opening the hosts file using Notepad in administrator mode. If that does not work then check this out: This should leave you with ISBoxer installed. Before you can use it properly you will need to configure it. See Part 002 for that. Also install the Jamba addon as it has a lot of useful features in it. It’s an addon designed to make multiboxing easier: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/jamba/files/5-release-0-5i/ More found on the Source https://edthemultiboxer.wordpress.com/part-001-isboxer-files-installation/ If anyone wants to try this
  3. Zygor BFA | October 24th 2020 Release: 7.0.23468 Latest Gold Guides
  4. https://tknk.io/U4XJ
  5. The closet I can get is 8.817 No one ever asked for old releases. So I never kept the Dugi ones. Can the build not be downgraded and still work?
  6. Will try and find it if I can. Then rebuild a new release
  7. You are the only person since 7.2.5 to ask that. Will take me time to find them and rebuild the guide. As I never kept them. Due to no one but you asked for them. Unless you know what release it is?
  8. Zygor BFA | October 21st 2020 Release: 7.0.23447 Leveling Alliance Fixed: "G.UnitSex" error in Draenor leveling guide
  9. Latest Gold Guides
  10. Seems like the Addon Worth It a good alternative to Dynasty and gets updated. Also works of TSM data
  11. Zygor BFA | October 21stth, 2020 Release: 7.0.23421 Leveling General Travel System Updated - Fixed Telredor (Zangarmarsh) inn to be used by travel system correctly Updated - Improved pathing into Coilfang (Zangarmarsh) dungeons Gear FinderUpdated - Updated gearfinder to properly scale dungeon and raid gear with shadowlands leveling changes. Leveling Alliance Updated Azsuna - Corrected quest ID for "Fate of the Queen's Reprisal", removed bonus objective quest "Those Beyond Redemption" that was removed with the launch of BFA Updated Terokkar Forest (15-50) - Reworked and polished Updated Death Knight Starter - Corrected coordinates for the "Massacre At Light's Point" quest and removed "|n" tags from a set of travel lines Updated Zangarmarsh (10-50) - Reworked and polishe