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  1. Well Foxes did something last year that helped me out a lot. People do not realize what I have to do, so I can even post a release. When it comes to classic, I may have a way to post it. But that depends on the guide itself. I have done this since March 2013, so not doing too bad.
  2. New Release
  3. People keep on asking and I do not know because it is not even out yet
  4. New Release
  5. New updated Provided
  6. New Release July 30th, 2019
  7. I have and it is in the first post
  8. New Release
  9. Did you post it? I see no links
  10. Yes? I posted that yesterday
  11. Fixed, seems pasting over the old links does not work. So I just pasted as text and that fixes it.
  12. New release
  13. Oh that error, I fixed that on alliance. Did not know horse had it too. I would wait until the next release, they might fix it all then. Instead of me temp fixing it.
  14. New Release
  15. Done sorry I updated the link and forgot the topic