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  1. what a nice reaction for someone putting effort in creating/editing a video by your request.
  2. you are welcome! enjoy the bot
  3. Hello sir, To answer the following: ridding skill or the missing mount missing : that is correct you need riding skill and mount to use the level 20+ Honorbuddy. And has actually nothing to do with reaching level 20, rather getting your mount yes, it can be confusing i understand. Anything else i can help you with? Greetings, -Cat
  4. Does not matter, 10 usd would be a cheaper option.
  5. we are working around the clock, it wont be long!
  6. The new nav system in honorbuddy is very complex, currently we still havent been able to figure it out. You did not hear much from us as we still have no real news to tell. The nav is a real bitch.
  7. The chinese versions where always based on cdpacther.
  8. iam not sure if troll or
  9. Quik status update, we are done with the new authentication system, and are now working on Navigation. The future of our new crack looks bright -to be updated.
  10. We have been doing some good progress on the new crack. it aint finished and we still have alot todo, the lack of information is due we are really busy for you guys
  11. You have been sleeping under a rock? CDpatcher is down for some time now.
  12. Its still a donation, CD never made a profit, you know how much it costs to keep CD online? CD will Always be free This happened to CD like 3 times already.