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  1. what a nice reaction for someone putting effort in creating/editing a video by your request.
  2. you are welcome! enjoy the bot
  3. Hello sir, To answer the following: ridding skill or the missing mount missing : that is correct you need riding skill and mount to use the level 20+ Honorbuddy. And has actually nothing to do with reaching level 20, rather getting your mount yes, it can be confusing i understand. Anything else i can help you with? Greetings, -Cat
  4. Does not matter, 10 usd would be a cheaper option.
  5. we are working around the clock, it wont be long!
  6. The chinese versions where always based on cdpacther.
  7. iam not sure if troll or
  8. You have been sleeping under a rock? CDpatcher is down for some time now.
  9. We have had no time yet to compile a new version of cdpatcher. temporarily fix you can do your self is going to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Edit hosts file put in these 2 lines vip.codedeception.com pub.codedeception.com Raname your hosts file to hosts.ics Enjoy!
  10. Working again!