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  1. meee! haha
  2. Honorbuddy auth server/services are back online please be a little patient while things are being configured on the new server. a little instability could occur! An official statement to what have happened will come later. Welcome back.
  3. The owner of this thread has purchased a Paid Sticky. Codedeception does not get involved in deals or deal disputes.
  4. Welcome on board !
  5. nope there are enough VIP members here that can guarantee you that this is way better than wrobot.
  6. first off visit https://codedeception.net/cdauth/ so a auth key will be generated so i can actiavate the key. (do not post your key here) After that it will be only login with your key and its ready to go!
  7. Pretty good a mount of people using this without any issues yes.
  8. New version! Honorbuddy 2.5.11489.762
  9. As requested.
  10. Ofcouse Stormforge support already been added. If Stormforge makes edits to their client when they go live we will modify donorbuddy to work again! Greetings, -Cat
  11. wow mop i have vitalic routine for. Will be release soon.
  12. need full log please upload
  13. Hello fellow Wrath of the Lich King botters of our WoW Bot community. This version of Honorbuddy WoW Bot for WOTLK (wrath of the lich king patch) has been modified to give you the smoothest ease of use with setup. Simple to connect & the meshes download automatically and quick. New Honor Buddy Patcher updated for Windows 10. (avoid crashes/bugs) Fixed the CanSkin() bug/loop that causes the WOTLK Honorbuddy version to stop. Meshes are served from our server, no need to setup a webserver anymore! This saves you a big headache and will have you automating leveling on Wrath of the Lich King with this WoW bot in no time. Changelog Update 4 (19-05-21) Fixed: WOTLK Honorbuddy can Skin mobs again. Update 3 (20-4-21) Added Apoc Refreshment plugin as default plugin. Update 2 (26-3-21) -Fixed shaman and druid CC. -Add Gatherbuddy for WOTLK. -Generates 200 new meshes for BC. You have to download honorbuddy again if you have the older version. Our WoW Bot known as Honorbuddy is only availavle for VIP members. This version is Plug & Play, very simple usage. No need for downloading mesh files or other kind of difficult configuration that is why you are going to enjoy this lich king bot very much due to how simple we made it.. Meshes are streamed from our server and there is no latency issues. Download the wow bot wherever you want to your PC: link Only available for VIP Members to obtain VIP you can donate here:https://codedeception.net/index.php?/donate/make-donation/ VIP is 15$ and lasts 45 days VIP lifetime is 100$ unlimited days. More information:
  14. Hello fellow mists of pandaria wow bot users in ourcommunity. And here we are 3 years after the closure of the wow bot project, we are happy to present you this version of the Mists of Pandaria Bot for the WoW private servers. Fast authentication server connection for the wow bot files for mists of pandaria. Very fast download of meshes as well as endless content. Log in with your VIP keys. Set DirectX11 in wow settings menu. Window mode in wow settings menu. Honorbuddy for Mists of Pandaria only works for Wow.exe x86 (32 bits) Use HB launcher inside Honorbuddy. To avoid some common errors. Changelog: Version: 2.5.11489.761 Honorbuddy: Bug fix honorbuddy no longer try to mount indoors. Dungeonbuddy: Core code improvements. Version: 2.5.11489.760 Honorbuddy: Bugfix Honorbuddy would not make use of a ground mount. Honorbuddy: Navigation improvements Honorbuddy: Improved dungeobuddy profiles HBRelog: Bug fixed where HBRelog with honorbuddy communication stopped. Version: 2.5.11489.759 DevTools:CompileandRun now uses the /unsafe code argument. DevTools:The developer tools window now shows all auras, even when the name is the same. Core: Mount name settings will now properly be set by default Core: Fixed mount detection issues no longer requires you to use 2 seperate HB versions 1-20 and 20-90. Navigation: The secrets of ragefire scenario navigation supported. Version: 2.5.11489.758 -------------- LevelBot/Questbot will no-longer do vendor/mail runs when there are no items to vendor/mail. BearsUpThere: Now also handles the daily quest "Those Bears Up There" DoWhen: Now supports a "UseAtInterval" predicate attribute that is mutually exclusive with the "UseWhen" attribute. Also, a "StopMovingToConductActivity" tunable attribute is available. GoThruPortal will now more accurately detect if a portal was taken. Added a 'Avoid' hook type QB which can be used to avoid harmful effects. The DoWhen quest behavior can now execute custom user-defined activities. For an example of usage see source code. DoWhen: Repaired an issue where an "ActivityName" activity would fail to execute on the first iteration. DoWhen: It is now possible to Enable, Disable, and Remove activities identified by "ActivityName". Fixed an issue where the RunCode quest behavior would sometimes not work and just spam log with errors for no apparent reason. InstanceTimer QB got a new makeover. Auth server: Modified about 60% of core code to be more efficent. Auth server: Fixed a bug that allowed a non vip member to login. Honorbuddy: Modified memory hook with the WoW Client to avoid bot detection. Honorbuddy: Updated quest behaviours / added new behaviours. Honorbuddy: Improved combat targetting. Honorbuddy: Will try do dismount when character is stuck. Honorbuddy: Fixed a start-up error that occurred while in a classic/TBC dungeon while running questbot Honorbuddy: Updated Quest Bot Various fixes/additions. DungeonBuddy: Updated core code to be more stable. DungeonBuddy: HeartOfTheOldGodScenario is now working. DungeonBuddy: DarkHordeScenario is now working. DungeonBuddy: Battle on the High Seas Scenario fixes. DungeonBuddy: Forgotten Depths: Bot will no-longer run back n forth "like a crazy chicken" while attacking Monstrous Gastropod. DungeonBuddy: Added script and profile for the Coren Direbrew holiday dungeon event. DungeonBuddy: Gate of the Setting Sun, Striker Ga'dok: Fixed movement issues that occurred during the Strafing Run event DungeonBuddy: Gate of the Setting Sun: Fixed a problem with facing the Weak Spot while riding Raigon HB Navigation server: DarkHordeScenario navigation support. HB Navigation server: HeartOfTheOldGodScenario navigation support. HB Navigation server: ShadoPanArena navigation support. HB Navigation server: Siege of Orgrimmar navigation support. HB Navigation server: Siege of Niuzao Temple (heroic) navigation support. HB Navigation server: Mogu Island navigation support. HB Navigation server: Timeless Isle navigation stuck issues fixed. HB Navigation server: Valley of the Four Winds navigation fixes. Version: 2.5.11489.757 -------------- Auth server: new way of caching meshes speed improvements. Auth server: random crash/freeze fixed Honorbuddy: Core api updates/improvements. Honorbuddy: Bug fix Autoequip and Talented. (new bug that was introduced in 756 version) DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Temple of the Jade Serpent (Required good gear) DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Shado-Pan Monastery. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Mogu'shan Palace. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: The Stonecore is now fully working. Professionbuddy: Several improvements/bug fixes. HB Navigation server: new meshes been added for several zones. Version: 2.5.11489.756 (BETA) -------------- Auth server: Honorbuddy/codedeception store intergration support not yet publicly available. Auth server: Improved speed of the network packet handling by about 50%. Auth server: Improvements been made to the Tripwire system. Honorbuddy: Authentication/Nav server packet handling improvements. Honorbuddy: Fixed Honorbuddy navigation error message: Received error code from mesh server when attempting to download. Honorbuddy: Several development console fixes. BGBuddy: Fixed Stuck when joining for a second time a battleground. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon Encounter: The Stonecore Twilight Documents handled properly. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon Encounter: Halls of stone stuck on opening door before last boss. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon Encounter: Corla Herald of Twilight improved. (wiped before) DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon Encounter: Blackrock Caverns Wait for Exhaustion debuff to wear off fixed. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Zul'Farrak Several bugs HB should be able to complete the instance now. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Sunken Temple mesh/navigation crash. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: TheCullingOfStratholme mesh/nav errors. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Improved: Shadowfang Keep navigation. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Blackrock Caverns mesh/nav errors. DungeonBuddy: Fixed Dungeon: Several fixes done to Shadowfang Keep DungeonBuddy: Several fixes done to Gnomergan. Dungeonbun DungeonBuddy: New/Improved: Mail/Vendor/Repair support while waiting for a party member to arrive/resurrect. DungeonBuddy: Added: Throttle teleport usage to prevent Tank from walking back to followers immediately. Version: 2.5.11489.755 -------------- Fixed error: [Singular] Installation: modified by user - forum support may not be available Another random crash fixed. New mesh system, fully regenerated meshes from the WoW data files. Development console fixed you can now compile/run your code. Mesh load times are faster. Auth server improvements. Version: 2.5.11489.754 -------------- Random crash fixed. Slow login bug fixed. Version: 2.5.11489.753 -------------- Random nav bugs fixed. Version: 2.5.11489.752 -------------- Improved auth server to handle connections better. Login packet should not freeze anymore for a very long time. Version: 2.5.11489.751 -------------- Fixed a bug that was made in version 2.5.11489.750 . Version: 2.5.11489.750 -------------- Optimized client -> Server communication. Fixed a invalid authentication check when the bot is running. This version of Honorbuddy Mists of Pandaria WoW Bot is only Available for VIP Members. Download the Mists of Pandaria WoW Bot wherever you want to your PC: link Only available for VIP Members to obtain VIP you can donate here:https://codedeception.net/index.php?/donate/make-donation/ VIP is 15$ and lasts 45 days VIP lifetime is 100$ unlimited days. More information: Enjoy!