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  1. Mod Delete plz
  2. ahh thats a shame maybe a anti virus program blocking it modifying it but thats only help ive got for ya haha not used the program to compare or anything
  3. not sure about the hearthbuddy not working but a shot in the dark here is your hosts file set to read only or something like that ?
  4. he is trying to request something what does not exist lol its not even done for wod yet
  5. try rogue
  6. indeed is really cheap GLWS get a feeling its pet battle method
  7. make sure u run cd patcher b4 hand and make sure your firewall/antivirus is not blocking cd patcher in anyway
  8. had same issue with demonic fresh install + deleting the bossland folder sorted it
  9. and what castle means by bossland is press your windows key type in run then when the run program opens up type in %appdata% and click ok u will see a bossland folder in there delete it and reopen the program and see if its fixed
  10. redists are what u need to run the program aka like that run the demonbuddy wizard will download all the stuff u need might fix your issue
  11. maybe missing the redists ? try using the demonbuddy wizard
  12. gotta have that patience
  13. for ya first 1 open settings and untick kill between hotspots second 1 has to have it in the profile if i recall or u need a plugin of some sort and 3rd depends on profile yet again
  14. all good to hear
  15. ahh thanks for the clearing up on the matter just assumed it was a issue on my end tbh was fine this morning