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  1. dont have any other link outside mega??? here its giving me error that i cant download because i exceeded my download limit, even making an accounbt on site (wtf?)
  2. mediafire is working fine. just if u are horde this update will mess your current guide (i was on level 25-30 at the part to grindo to 26 in hillsbrad) and when logged in i got no guilde, and it just messed up the quests, but did the 23-25 stone, thousand 25-25 and seems fine
  3. i mean, on june 18th they released this: ==REPUTATIONS==[A] Added Waveblade Ankoan[H] Added The Unshackled Added Rustbolt Resistance(Pre-prep for Patch 8.2) was thinking it was going to be ready already with it released now: June 25th, 2019 Version: 7.0.20439 ==LEVELING== Tauren Heritage Armor Gnome Heritage Armor 8.2 War Campaign Nazjatar Mechagon Island Blueprint: Advanced Adventurer Augment Blueprint: Battle Box Blueprint: Beastbot Powerpack Blueprint: Blue Spraybot Blueprint: Emergency Repair Kit Blueprint: Encrypted Black Market Radio Blueprint: Experimental Adventurer Augment Blueprint: Extraordinary Adventurer Augment Blueprint: Green Spraybot Blueprint: Mechanocat Laser Pointer Blueprint: Orange Spraybot Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer Blueprint: Rustbolt Gramophone Blueprint: Scrap Trap Blueprint: Scrapmaster's Blowtorch Blueprint: Vaultbot Key Nazjatar Dropped Quests ==DUNGEONS== Operation: Mechagon ==DAILIES== Nazjatar World Quests (Including Bodyguard Daily Quests) Mechagon World Quests Nazjatar Dailies Mechagon Fishing Dailies Mechagon Island Dailies ==REPUTATIONS== Rustbolt Resistance The Unshackled Waveblade Ankoan ==PROFESSIONS== Kul Tiran Alchemy 1-175 Kul Tiran Blacksmithing 1-175 Kul Tiran Cooking 1-175 Kul Tiran Enchanting 1-175 Kul Tiran Engineering 1-175 Kul Tiran Fishing 1-175 Kul Tiran Herbalism 1-175 Kul Tiran Inscription 1-175 Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting 1-175 Kul Tiran Leatherworking 1-175 Kul Tiran Skinning 1-175 Kul Tiran Tailoring 1-175 Zandalari Alchemy 1-175 Zandalari Blacksmithing 1-175 Zandalari Cooking 1-175 Zandalari Enchanting 1-175 Zandalari Engineering 1-175 Zandalari Fishing 1-175 Zandalari Herbalism 1-175 Zandalari Inscription 1-175 Zandalari Jewelcrafting 1-175 Zandalari Leatherworking 1-175 Zandalari Skinning 1-175 Zandalari Tailoring 1-175 ==BATTLE PETS== Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon Abyssal Slitherling Bloodseeker Chitterspine Skitterling Deeptide Fingerling Fleeting Frog Glimmershell Scuttler Hissing Chitterspine Sandclaw Pincher Sandclaw Sunshell Yellow Junkhopper Duskytooth Snooter Rustyroot Snooter Experimental Roach Junkheap Roach Mechagon Marmot Muck Slug Spireshell Snail Great Sea Albatross Rustbolt Clucker Malfunctioning Microbot Motorized Croaker Scrapyard Tunneler Specimen 97 ==MOUNTS== Rustbolt Resistor Mechanocat Laser Pointer Royal Snapdragon Wonderwing 2.0 Mechagon Peacekeeper Aerial Unit R-21/X Unshackled Waveray Scrapforged Mechaspider Junkheap Drifter Silent Glider Rusty Mechanocrawler Crimson Tidestallion Ankoan Waveray ==TITLES== Junkyard ==ACHIEVEMENTS== Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two Deep Pockets Explore Mechagon Explore Nazjatar Feline Figurines Found Head Financier of Mechagon Junkyard Apprentice Junkyard Scavenger Junkyard Tinkerer Junkyard Tinkmaster Mighty Minions of Mechagon Nautical Nuisances of Nazjatar Mecha-Safari Nazjatari Safari Team Aquashock Secret Fish of Mechagon Secret Fish and Where to Find Them
  4. hey, do this have guides for the new zones already ? cant seem to find then
  5. where is the download link?
  6. how that gain followers work?
  7. do u use nod32? even making hips exception here, it wont let me run db, i had to disable entirely real protection and hips, then its stopped to pop malicious softwere found and db went back running again PS: NOD32 v9
  8. ya maybe, its been 1 month now
  9. @Suspense it was been 3 weeks now, do u know how long my ban is?
  10. errr... public auth isnt working with .455
  11. got it from another thread, with the same error: The log appears to post session error. This happens if you lose connection to the auth server or your DB client is lagging, theres no sign of any issues serverside. Like i told you, it is most likely a routing issue from your home to the auth servers. You can run this tool against for 1000 pings and post the results, then we can get a confirmation that its a routing issue you have. If it is a routing issue, then you can only fix it by using a vpn to force a different route. @Suspense said that
  12. its problem with your internet
  13. foo0oo said its working ffor vip, read above... just rename the .exe to anything on the readme file (CDRocks, Manboobz53, Jellyneanes95 or Hourdaylime92).exe and it will work.. in pub if u run the .exe (will rename it) it will say key invalid, but if u rename to one of it it, will give error of unsupported version. so maybe on vip it works really.. (i tried using CDRocks.exe)
  14. its already up for vip, and looks like, for 3 days already. just not to public
  15. actually readme says to not rename it. NOTES: You CANNOT rename HB.exe, DB.exe etc. NOTES: Do not save CDPatcher in the bot folder ok, just did a test (of course i got error on unsupported version)... but everytime it creates a new .exe ... so everytime i'll have to rename the file? thats right? because lol, who got the damn session error like this is going to be crazy lol