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  1. right click on folder and delete
  2. delete it and do the same thing you did to get it the first time making sure to keep your cr's and profiles
  3. I redownloaded fresh cdpatcher to try to solve any issues. still not working for me. it says that its brought to you buy codedeception says hello twisted 1 so its not bypassing cdpatcher but it says key invalid and will not work.
  4. Simple my paid account on rebot works fine but the two i use cd patcher for (mine and my wife's) don't work and shows authentication failed. it worked fine until i closed it and tried to turn it on again. therefore it is cd patcher and not rebot itself. there are many having the same issue right now. The code deception auth server is not verifying the auth keys for public or vip servers.
  5. cd patcher is not working at the moment . they will fix it.
  6. has this been fixed yet?
  7. yes i installed chrome and it went right thru .no issues at all. tyvm for your help. i will be donating tonight and becoming a vip. ty again .
  8. i tried firefox and explorer, my wifes computer can log in just fine on her account so i know its on my end i just cant figure it out.
  9. ty for the response, I deleted all cookies and active log in sessions even tried another browser still the same thing. any other suggestions?
  10. i log into code deception it has my name and shows im logged in. but when i try to go to the auth page it wants me to log in again but when i enter the info it just reloads the page again still no auth page