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  1. thanks for the share <3
  2. Yes worked thank you!
  3. can't download.
  4. When zygor guide for classic ?
  5. you are the best, btw pretty sure you already know
  6. Congrulation on your legendary rank.
  7. a bug occur with zygor guide doesn't change step auto when finish a quest, i need to manually skip step (I think i've fixed it)
  8. Thanks to keep updated man really nice of you
  9. do you have older version for 7.3.5 legion? xD
  10. don't be ridiculous you know yourself codedeception will never crack the new Honorbuddy i paid for the real honorbuddy that's it and i'm here just for read cause this thread is so funny with a lots of dumbass trust the new staff you can ban me i don't fkg care seriously this forum is dead anyways. cya
  11. i don't use Honorbuddy . . and i don't care about ban rolf
  12. Go pay for honorbuddy , you will wait forever here XD
  13. lol .. 2 months you can level up 2 characters or 3 maybe lvl 110 xD