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  1. useless will be patched next patch
  2. i don't care about cd discord, never went on it, i just want to join yours lol
  3. Do you have a discord, to get update faster maybe, 3-4 years ago i was in a discord from a friend you were there
  4. Big thanks bro, I love his UI, but I didn't want to sub lol.
  5. no idea never played tauri exept to test HB stuff.. honestly won't be surprised if ban occur.. ( every bot has a risk for getting banned )
  6. Tauri WoW but its x1 and PandaWoW x100 if your lazy to lvl up :"p
  7. Do you have a discord server i would like to join it's easier to chat!
  8. Yes worked thank you!
  9. can't download.
  10. When zygor guide for classic ?
  11. you are the best, btw pretty sure you already know
  12. Congrulation on your legendary rank.
  13. a bug occur with zygor guide doesn't change step auto when finish a quest, i need to manually skip step (I think i've fixed it)