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  1. So I was originally in the main server but I kept buffering the entire time when trying to watch anything. I then contacted a moderator and he switched me to the VIP-1 server and at first, my connection was fine, but now my wife and I are getting the buffering issue consistantly when trying to watch anything again. This is my internet speed and as you can see, I shouldn't be having any issues, but I am. If anyone could please assist me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Well crap. Didn't realize I was far from the server. That explains a lot as well.
  3. So if I purchase one I actually own the game then right?
  4. Okay ADD rslueshi
  5. Just letting everyone know, this is EU account.
  6. I dont even see how to update HB? I have a legit key with HB and I know when there is an update, HB automatically updates... but if I have the CDP running, HB just continues to run without updating... That being said, once I figure out how to update HB with CDP, should I even? or is CDP working with the newest HB?
  7. EDIT: Ok it works, but all the arrows and everything is appearing on my 2nd monitor, not on the one the game is being played can I change this without disabling my 2nd monitor?
  8. Can you please invite me arodeghero