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  1. Great Idea, act like a little spoiled child and spam. Thats surely THE way to get the store updated.
  2. Yeah i know and also that you should post new avaidable versions there. sadly the tool hasnt been updated in a long time and the tool to contribute the new versions doesnt work. i always get an error when i enter them. mods know of this and they want to fix it soon. in the mean time i use the other tools like making threads to let hopefully everybody know that there is a new version out.
  3. No Hearthbuddy doesnt work atm, here HB does mean Hearthbuddy cause your in the Hearthbuddy Section. And Hearthbuddy doesnt work atm.
  4. CD Patcher can be updated now with the newest working Version of Hearthbuddy since Hearthstone got updated
  5. Every TuanHA and Gladiator Suite is outdated. If you need more specific informations let me know. i will post every routine individually if necessery but i didnt wanted to spam this thread.
  6. Weill the Accesary Routines been added?
  7. Thank you for making it work again. Your awesome
  8. the guys here who are doing this all are having private stuff too. i hate white knighting but damn for many ppl including me its a free service. so if you have to wait a few days who cares. you will catch up so fast when the bot is ready with cdpatcher, if you really cant wait buy DB for a trial lisence.
  9. TuanHA Shaman - The Ultimate Experience Buddystore Version: Version: 6.2.5834 (12/23/2015 4:37:13 AM) CDPATCHER Version: 6.2.5819
  10. Gladiator Suite Druid - Arena Enabled Version: 2.17 (12/16/2015 5:30:03 PM) CDPatcher Version: 2.15
  11. Gladiator Suite Warlock - Arena Enabled Version: 2.19 (12/16/2015 5:30:23 PM)
  12. TuanHA Warrior - The Ultimate Experience Version: 6.2.5822 (12/11/2015 3:00:32 AM) I posted this already, sorry for the doppelpost guys, tryed to delete this post but either its not possible or im to stupid to find the button
  13. TuanHA Warrior - The Ultimate Experience Version: 6.2.5822 (12/11/2015 3:00:32 AM)
  14. you know that they need to patch cd patcher for the new version right? They are working on it. You can see als the working Version here
  15. Sure you can do Arenas with Hearthbuddy. Here is even Video Proof on how to set it up (Even its in russian you know what to do)