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  1. No its actually pretty easy, and a profile converter has WRobot too. 1 Vendor Hotspot 1 Mailbox Hotspot 2 - 3 Grind Hotspot profile done
  2. i reported the two bugs with the Relogger and Battleground queueing , got fixed in no time i am planing to make now content for WRobot first off a 1-80 one click Grind profile, because their is actually no reason to stick with this buggy HB Meshes.
  3. Well guys, stop using Honorbuddy, you best bet for 3.3.5 is now WRobot, they released on Monday a 3.3.5 Version for Private servers. It has Meshes like Honorbuddy no fucking waypoints like Pirox, and stucking all the time. No more corrupted Meshes. it has even a Autonom mode where say the bot "Ok just farm this mobs/Gather Nodes in 700 Distance from this Hotspot and send all that shit to my toon" Grinder (Hotspots or Waypoints as you like) Battleground (MESH No fucking profiles) Fishbot Relogger Gather Herb/Mining (Hotspots or Waypoints as you like) Profile Creator (Really Easy to use, just make few Grind Hotspots, Target the Mobs and add to Faction list, Mail Hotspot, Vendor Hotspot, Press Start. DONE EASY!) Questmode Profile Converter RotationBot CustomClasses (Easy to make, it reads all Abilitys from Memory just Click what you want) And much much more, Ingame 3D Radar (See screen) You can test this Bot for 15 minutes Download http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2570-beta-download-wrobot-for-wotlk/ i am not advertising this, or getting any money for this . Just to show you guys this bot is probally the best bot now for Woltk Private Servers. did a Profile for Farming ARP Buff food in Borean Tundra, Mailbox, Vendor, Flying Mount Support, and did a Custom DK Customclass. Easy i tell you that, you can even use the Customclass & Profiles in the WRobot Store. i am pretty impressed from this bot.
  4. 3.3.5

    Its cool, i did with this Netherwing Rep pretty quick, and skilled on my Rogue Lockpicking easily.
  5. Anyone Botted BattleGrounds with it how is it performing?, is it working with the Meshes ?
  6. Hey guys, Just browse WRobot forum around, and actually found out that the Coder from WRobot released a Version Specially for Cataclysm (4.3.4) and MOP (5.4.8), pretty fresh release 19. November. So i think if you need a Privat Server Bot for those Expansions you best bet is WRobot that Supports this Versions. Full access to WRobot FOR WOW PRIVATE SERVER and all its products, unlimited WRobot session, Lifetime for just 15 Euro. Their is a 15 Minutes Trial so you can test the Bot on your Server. http://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/66-wrobot-for-wow-private-server/ Hope i helped for anyone who is searching for a Privat Server Bot, greets
  7. Yes, just write it in and Checkbox it.
  8. Found the 1 - 80 Profiles from DeltaSniper and even Plugins, BotBases, anyone have more Profiles? 1-80 Profile Pack - By - Deltasniper3
  9. Its not downloading the Meshes anymore, think the Provider fixed something.
  10. hey wre i downlod? send me privte messgs thnks
  11. i downloaded and test later, thaaanks!