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    Before start get that stuff: NotePad++ || AutoHotkey || Script for autohotkey: PixelPredator. Use pixel predator to get color value. Other ahk script show wrong color data for some reason. || &nbsp;GET --- PIXEL PREDATOR Step 0. Make custom icons like: (Size must be 64x64 and u need to make .png icons (NOT .ico !!!) And after u make ur .png icons u need to convert it to .BLP ( Get Converter ) Step 1. Then rename ur icons. How? Go to wowhead. (or something else if it had icon name) Now do that: 1. open wowhead 2. find spell 3. click on spell icon 4. copy spell name. U get spell name like ability_bullrush Rename ur coverted 12345.blp to ability_bullrush.blp (spell_rush OR ability_mage_firestarter when u do something for druid kek, ITS OK dont worry about that). And after u done, u get ur ability_bullrush.blp (and alot for other icons) now drop it to wow/interface/icons (icons folder not exist by default u need to make new folder.) At this moment, download any rotation addon wich show icons (not bittensspellflash xd). I like hekili so i install it. Now In-Game part: Setup ur addon, place addon gui where u want. In addon make show only 1 icon. Ofc. spells like starfall, warrior jump and like this. Not supported. (But supported only if can cast throught /cast [@player] Death and Decay or /cast [@target] Death and Decay (this works for dk, but only from 7.0.1 to 8.3) p.s Ye sure u can make click with ahk for aoe spells but u need to hold cursor over enemy everytime xD Step 2. Download autohotkey. (Ahk) Create empty .ahk script. Open it in notepad++ Step 3. Now do "PixelGetColor". Example: PixelGetColor, color, 983, 824, RGB If (color = 0xE97FFF) { Send, {c down} sleep 10 Send, {c up} } What is that: Read: --- PixelGetColor - Syntax & Usage | AutoHotkey PixelGetColor --- search special pixel on screen. 983, 824 window (activewindow) coordinates where he search that pixel. If (color = 0xHEXvalue). -- if color found then send keydown w8 10 msec send key up. Okay now we had PixelGetColor part, how to enable it and add other things. Simple way: End:: loop { PixelGetColor, color, 983, 824, RGB If (color = 0xE97FFF) { Send, {c down} sleep 10 Send, {c up} } PixelGetColor, color, 983, 824, RGB If (color = 0x00A2E7) { Send, {1 down} sleep 10 Send, {1 up} } } return So what is that: Press End key 1 time, it start looped search, for all of this colors in that pixel, and if hekili show spell with color 0xE97FFF (bc we replaced default icons) ahk do -> send C down\10msec\up and <- then the same for other colors\keys like 0x00A2E7 with key 1. Okay good. But i want to enable and disable that. How2? Ez. Just add before code: ^F1::exitapp F1::Pause, toggle ctrl+1 --- close script F1 --- Pause\Resume ahk script. Hmm cute and i had a little problem. My coordinates are different from ur how to find my own? Just don't! Use PixelPredator to find color+coords. Okay thats good, now lets add simple gui to see some help stuff. How to do that: 1. After "return" add this: O:: KeyWait, O Gui, Add, Text,, < My text appears here in this line. > Gui, Add, Text,, Gui, Add, Text,, above empty line. Gui, Add, Text,, U can add any symbols after ,, Gui, Add, Text,, So u can place here ur bind like: I binded Spell1 to key 1 dont forget to make same bind ingame. (Useful for sharing with friends xd) gui, +alwaysontop Gui, Show, NoActivate KeyWait O, D Gui Destroy What is that: 1. binds key O to create gui so we get: O:: when u click on O it create Gui with text. 2. KeyWait O, D - - after u click on key O again it close that gui but not script. (If script closes u make something wrong.) 3. Gui, Show, NoActivate - - show that gui but not activate it. (u can click on it and drag away. And still see that gui ingame if windowed because +alwaysontop) Works on every wow addon. From classic to BFA. And ye u can make another usefull thing with WA2 and TMW. (*But in WA2 u can create own pixel square without change any spell icon) And now run\runAs ur ahk script hit ur hotkey to start. Now u had ur own rotation "bot". Be happy. Finished example for balance dudu BFA: Balance dudu example script:
  2. Try that launcher everything should work fine. 1. 2. P.s Server will auto start and hidden. (U can shutdown server via launcher button or taskmanager.)
  3. I made an launcher for HB. Just make sure u have theese folders inside HonorBuddy folder: HBRelog , Auth . Then drop laucher inside HB folder...