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  1. Does someone have or know where to get wow 1.12 bot? (for private server)
  2. Have you found the correct version? Where?
  3. yup.... i understand you ...
  4. can you dl from there or pref MEGA?
  5. Use tortoise or give me the link i download and upload at MEGA and post here yes they work, read 1st page (read what they say about xamp)
  6. Btw " System.InvalidOperationException: The current navmesh is null! " check your meshes / meshes path
  7. dude dont post like that plz :S do a lof spoil or something (pastbin)
  8. im doing a profile atm for him xD (pirox) to grind and farm cloth to my priest and another problem is the gear ....
  9. the bot works "nice" the profiles not rly xD but it work ... have you added the files to xamp? btw botting in x1 XP Rate with grind ... auch xD i tryed like 1h to lv up from 7 to 8 LOOL
  10. |3 I_I |\/| |º
  11. ow, that! Sry mate! Enoy botting!
  12. Guy i need i little help with the profiles, whats the best profile for hord troll/orc grind? Already tested fews but they stuck or die or stop near NPC ...
  13. sry didnt understand :s but if you have already VMWare and W7 you dont need to download it again! And you're welcome mate!
  14. download VMWARE -> Torrent Link download windows 7 -> Torrent Link - Install VMWare and use a key from the downloaded file