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  1. working crack for Legion
  2. HAving some fun in 4.3.4 xD
  3. WOrks now? Maybe you just needed to restart your pc to apply the changes to hosts file.
  4. I can't understand yet why the Meshes don't work same as with VMWare, for me it works in Undead starting zone tho
  5. Well then it is quite weird because it doesn't modify anything besides the win10 compatibility :S Are you sure XAMPP is properly working and so on? =(
  6. You have to enable the checkbox "XAMPP" in the app
  7. Oh You know me hehe kappa
  8.!fQxX0B7S!ZxZVWcmFSSJvg4vjfyTlOwGcrGOsqCi1QJZQJ8K01wY MAde one compatible optionally with XAMPP. Hope fixes some meshes errors. Report feedback pls.
  9. Ow well i know by a fact that HB hooks directx9 function. ANd probably that gfx mod tries to hook the same function. SO it won't work ever. Unless i make some more changes to hook in a different place.
  10. I don't know what is Enbseries :S
  11. Have you got the same meshes problem?
  12. Woow nice, although seems weird the realm thingy. Anybody else has a good feedback?
  13. Ok can you tell me the spot exactly where you get the issue please?
  14. Oh well. I also redirected the connection, so it doesn't need XAMPP stuff at all. Might work if you disable xampp and stuff? I don't know, just tested in Eastern Kingdoms and worked for me.