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  1. I would suggest staying away from it. And dunno if posting direct link to hacking website (most likely keylogger or other crap there) is a good idea anyway
  2. Honestly, it's simply better to buy DB and support the best d3 bot out there
  3. Well i am not that much into networks and stuff, but i assume you either need to be on same computer, lan, or have external ips. I suggest you just "borrow" your friends account and do it on localhost. Might even give your friend the account data and swap with the farming. Get diablo running in 800x600 low res windowed mode and its easy.
  4. I have original keys for db. Found the forum after i had bought mine, but with the price (15$/3 lifetime keys) and my business on diablo i might be unable to afford waiting for the cdpatcher updates
  5. Brutal key farm works best for me, i dunno why but it doesnt seem like zerg profiles work at all (bot dies, gets stuck etc) Doing normal mode t4 with boon of hoarder ,getting tons of exps and gold, sometimes item upgrades, and like a set of keys (4/4/4/4) every 2 hours or so. Zerg modes just keep dying
  6. WE ARE HAPPY TO INTRODUCE OUR DIABLO 3 SERVICES! SERVERS: SEASON 2! SERVICE LIST: WITH 25 GUARANTEED LEGENDARIES ON 1HOUR RUN! +300% HIGHER CHANCE FOR SET ITEMS! 3 HEROES OF YOUR CLASS CLEARING RIFTS WITH YOU! DETAILED INFORMATION: We boost you in rifts with 3 characters of your class. Currently difficulty is T6 for all classes. The run takes 1 hour and during that time you are guaranteed to get a minimum of 25 legendary/set items just from our 3 characters. You will also get around 2-3 billion experience points. If after 1 hour you still havent receive enough legendaries or set items we open another rift and keep farming. All you need is 5-7 rift keys /hour. WITH MALTHAEL KILL ON LVL 70 AND 2X LEVEL 70 HORADRIC CACHE (A1+A4) DETAILED INFORMATION: We are boosting your character to level 70. I takes about 1hour. You are in control of your character and have to follow us in game. FARMING GREATER RIFTS YOU ONLY PICK REWARDS (GEM UPGRADE), ONLY ABOUT 40 MINUTES/GEM. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE CHAR, NO ACC. SHARE (UNLESS YOU PREFER IT THAT WAY) DETAILED INFORMATION: We clear trial then open greater rift and clear it for you, while we clear rifts you are opening new ones with other characters, you only get to join games for opening rifts and getting upgrade rewards (if possible we also drop boss loots for you) You are to get about 8-12 greater rifts rewards (24-36 gem upgrades!) every hour. You need to provide yourself with about 10-12 trial keystones per gem! EVEN UP TO 20 REWARDS / HOUR! ALL DONE ON T6 DETAILED INFORMATION: We invite you to pickup Horadric Caches rewards from A1 or A4 (up to you). Depending on our availability this takes about 1hour (depends how many people we have available at the moment) You do not give us your account information, and just wait for the invites. 72HOUR DELIVERY GUARANTEE! ALL CLASSES! 3 HEROES OF YOUR CLASS DROPPING YOU STUFF FROM RIFTS! DETAILED INFORMATION: We gear up your character for Torment 6, getting you pretty much any build you prefer (Class sets, other build specific items etc.) Your character is waiting in town why we get you all the items - dropping you legendaries we get, blues/rares for enchantments materials, you sometimes jump in for boss rewards (bloodshards,gems etc) After service you also have any usefull item we got during those runs - almost always you not only have the items you choose for you build but almost every other class specific set too. Service require you to share your account information - password, security question answer etc. ANY CLASS SET BONUS OF YOUR CHOICE (FULL OR WITH ROYAL RING) WITH A MINIMUM OF 100+ UNID LEGENDARY/SET ITEMS DETAILED INFORMATION: We farm rifts for you untill we find full set of your choice for any class. We drop you all the other legendaries that drop, so in the end you have the set (usually with royal ring of grandeur) and about 100-150 legendary or set items. Almost all the items are unidentified (sometimes we jump in for boss reward - blood shards - so you might get some legendaries from Kadala too) Service require you to share your account information - password, security question answer etc. We guarantee delivery in 48hours. TORMENT 6 FOR 100% DROP CHANCE! DETAILED INFORMATION: We open and clear all 4 uber boss portals. Its all done on Torment 6 difficulty and you get also all the items that drop for us. You have to follow us in game and cooperate with us. As long as you can help you are free to invite 1 friend.