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  1. Yup, trying to see if it could still be useful, I think stacking Chi or Holy Power could be nice, didn't get around to those yet.
  2. Hey all, been playing on a few private servers since the banwave caught me and decided to see if WPE Pro was still working for certain things. I have a few hex offsets I've found, none that have any big use yet. I will keep this thread updated as I find new offsets, or find any exploits! First thing is first a little how to on WPE Pro: Current Known Offsets --:: Inventory Manipulation ::- Different inventory actions have a different number of offsets they will be divided by type, some of the offsets are jumbled and not directly used in the operation and can be ignored or their function is not yet known; these are marked with X Move a Single Item -- 11 Offsets Split stacked items -- 13 Offsets These are the only offsets I've found as of yet. I think I crashed the server I was playing on by changing the 5th offsets on each of these. That or by sheer luck the server shut down as soon as I moved an item that had the offsets. Please let me know if you find more post them so we can share the knowledge!