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  1. Just me getting a bunch of errors when starting hb? Hitting start does nothing
  2. bump
  3. If you want another challenge you could get my leechy ass the Atlantiss offset. nvm I figured it out!
  4. Are you guys even capable of reading?
  5. Is this still the only 32bit morpher? I remember using it couple of months ago just for the morpher.
  6. Fix it with logical thinking.
  7. Did anyone ever translate these profiles?
  8. Sounds great in theory. Problem is, a lot of users is a bit iffy on the 'read' part. Gl anyway.
  9. No I sprinkled magic on it.
  10. try now
  11. Nulled is their website.
  12. asdf doublepost
  13. Yo I have a lot of shit, wanna trade it for your level 80 on True-WoW. I have an honorbuddy key, smartbot key, lot's of keys. Legit routines. PM me your skype if you have an account over there and we'll discuss shit further.
  14. Where do you live?
  15. Gladiator Suite Hunter. I own it, but have not tried it. Would assume it's one of the better ones for PvP.