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  1. I would love to see AutoAngler for Honorbuddy Cataclysm 4.3.4 again as all the files I find are outdated
  2. Greetings, I don't want to be annoying but I see people are pretty silence on forum about Hearthbuddy and that silence happens only when people find out solution so they does not need to cry anymore. So I was wondering, is there any solution for latest update because I keeps crushing with an key authentication error. Thanks for the answer !
  3. Seriously what does ETA has with that post Delroy... However I wish we could hear some ETA as well so I won't be visiting CDversions twice in a minute... You are still the best Codedeception and I love the way you work.
  4. This thingy does not work anymore. Whenever you copy paste Cracked dll file into Bin, once you type any license number, dll file is deleted and it says that you don't have any license to use the bot. Seems like devs from Wrobot follows this forum as well so they know what to expect and how to deal with cracks on their software. I wish Exclusive could crack it once again and do some fixes if possible, cheers!
  5. Greetings guys, I've found full meshes for Wrobot 3.3.5a in case somebody of you have cracked version of Wrobot for 3.3.5a wow. As I said, I am talking about Cracked version not retail official one. I would like to see someone have cracked version of this software, I'll copy paste links from official web sites: First link is wrobot beta version that needs to be cracked somehow, 2nd link is full meshes for that wrobot version. http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2570-beta-download-wrobot-for-wotlk http://download.wrobot.eu/wrobotwotlk/meshes/meshes.zip Hope to see this thread a live because Honorbuddy meshes for 3.3.5a are so crap to work in any BG. Best Regards!
  6. Hello guys, I am not sure how active is this post but I am facing some problem long ago already and I can't manage to fix it. I was googling a lot and could not find single solution, I know codedeception is really awesome with things like this so I decided to reply this topic and believe I can get help. When I start Wow.exe 32bit , dx9, and after that Admin Panel Hack, it says 0 Active Wow Session/s - Detected patch: 0. I was trying to set patch maunally it still says 0 Active Wow Sessions/s - Detected patch: 542. I was also trying to disable anti-virus and anti malware protection. My wow window is called World of Warcraft. I tried restarting wow client, using different dx, with 64bit, still 0 Active wow Session. I am using windows 10, so I am wondering if win10 is blocking it since I see green square around hack as you can see on photo I will upload. My hack just can't get merged with wow window, I don't know why. http://imgur.com/rmtcBqZ Hope to see reply soon and thank you very much for your time reading this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Solution: If you are using Commodo Anti-virus, go to down-right corner and right click on Commodo near time/date and make Auto-Sandbox: Disabled. Enjoy.