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  1. It should be part of already included in JustDecompile afaik If your using reflector just follow what Ocrion wrote. greetings
  2. I can´t approve your problem but it seems that Razer synapse literally eats your CPU after the update ..... greetings
  3. Nice that you fixed your problem by yourself, after I took a look I was going to tell you the same I don´t have a clue about BlackJack but thanks for sharing some code with us. greetings
  4. Since I´m starting learning C++ at the moment and you said you just started "programming" I can recommend this youtube channel for some basics. It offers everything I ever wanted from a "Know how" there are good explanations, challenges and results. There are alot of different types of cracking, first of all you must know what kind of programms you wanna crack. As far as I know there are 2 types of apps, .Net Apps and native apps. I don´t have any clue about native apps, but a 0x22 already posted some great books in the RE sections, just take a look at it. For .net Applications there is a good program called .Net Redgade Reflector + Reflexil addon. Just watch some youtube addons about it. I´m not really advanced in RE and currently my Reflector doesn´t even work cause I can´t search for strings D;, but if your really interested in this just check 0x22 thread with the books. Maybe Nex will be here in near future, he is really advanced in .Net RE. greetings
  5. No need to learn .net at all, you just need to understand syntax and how programs work in general. I know one guy at CM, cracking .net programs without any .net programming knowledge, but I agree with you at the aspect that it makes things more easy . greetings
  6. Click. But next time please -> Google greetings
  7. Are those VPN´s 100% non logging ? greetings
  8. Anybody who can share the last version ? Repo is now private greetings
  9. Everything is fine we talked about the problem in skype and fixed it. greetings
  10. This method is REALLY public. And while BoL is also logging your League of Legends Username, I guess the Script Devs also found a possibility for tracking who is using cracked scripts. So tbh I guess ppl using cracked scripts will be banned with BoL 2.0. Ppl with a normal account wont care much about it but if you already bought scripts on your Username I wont use cracked scripts. If you like to do it, DO IT I mean we are here on codeMplosion right ? I loving seeing things getting cracked so I will follow this thread anyway greetings
  11. Hey, I´m just went into game development, and I also want to earn my money later with it. So I decided starting with some little projects, so I can show some projects when applying for a job/education later. This is my first project, I just coded it while following a tutorial to learn working with the development environment. There is no AI yet, so you have to play vs a friend or vs yourself. Left player controlled by W + S | Right player controlled by arrowUP and arrowDown. So here lets take a look at it Download Virustotal greetings
  12. bump
  13. I guess when I bought my new bot pc I would try this service because I got a nice spotify app on my smart TV :>. greetings edit1: @ Zeuskk, yes there is.