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  1. It uses Eazfuscator 5.0, which is currently not supported.
  2. Anyone have any luck bypassing the login?
  3. File as been deleted?
  4. Has anyone here used this 1.12 bot? It looks promising, but I'm iffy on spending any money on a 1.12 bot since vanilla botter was beyond terrible.
  5. The part where they are using the public auth
  6. Yea, but I saw in the shoutbox a bit ago that you were recieving a new pm every 10s. Figured I'd let it cool down and see if it would send one
  7. Happening too me too. No e-mail ever comes
  8. Really wish would actually work in Afghanistan, haha. Oh ya, Hello! New site looks awesome
  9. Noticed Karel the robot, if I'm not mistaken, that's from the Stanford Java course (available on youtube) but it requires specific files you have to download from the Stanford site to be able to use