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  1. Are there any options to get the hb version yet? pqr is discoverable on almost all private servers
  2. Well, a question I finished my subscription and I wanted to download some profile of cataclysm of missions, could you pass me one of the vip area? Thank you

  3. [07:19:32 p. m.] HB Patcher by Icesythe7 & Tutrakan [07:19:35 p. m.] Waiting for WoW to startup... [07:19:36 p. m.] WoW started with process id [10656] [07:19:36 p. m.] Attempting to patch endscene... [07:19:36 p. m.] ReadUInt failed.
  4. Sorry, I haven't seen it, it's in the horde folder
  5. Is there a profile from 68 to 80 of wotlk?
  6. [A] 1-60 Human [Kick] 403a+ - Noobs
  7. some base profiles but I think they are tasting I can't find woltk anywhere
  8. honorbuddy 3.3.5a (update 4)
  9. I can not run any profile that goes well