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  1. the ID is in the link 13321
  2. it is in dungeon
  3. As title says Im looking at mass purchasing gold on Oceanic WoW servers. Currently i only have a need on the following Frostmourne (Alliance) 2.5 Million - Horde 1.5 Million Barthillas Alliance - 1 Million -Horde 2 Million Prefer bulk sales but happy to buy anything 100k+ Can trade however you want to do it. $0.55/1k for all realms/factions i require
  4. looking at potential of the profile it doesnt seem that bad id say though, if more then a couple each server buy it, you will be having grief from other botters reporting you sucks they are still unique 10 shards 1 crystal
  5. lol, bitch be trippin'
  6. haha no. im looking at minimum 15$ to complete my purchases, so 20-25k would be 15$ i guess? i dont know what rates are currently, guess 35-40 for the 50k?
  7. As title says, wts up to 50000gold on [uS] Frostmourne. Need an extra ~15$ on paypal this week to complete some purchases, if anyone can help me out, send me a PM legit gold, not botted, and first and only sale from this account, so quite safe, thankyou
  8. not my cup of tea, but alot seem to play it i think
  9. did you set it up correctly?
  10. from your log u posted in this thread it would appear to me you never checked the box to enable trinity in the plugins section if you did later enable it, make sure u restarted db after you ticked the boxes when u tested without plugins, even though not enabled, i am guessing you had trinity as CR, and not belphegor (the default cr) this is only thing i can think of that would make your bot load in, go to quest/kill area, and then proceed to die and restart game
  11. Not sure if work with 4.3.4, but that is it
  12. find a market botters havent infiltrated and exploit it, that is till the botters infiltrate it and absoloutly shit on you