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  1. I am not a very active member here, but i usually check on this forum from time to time. I enjoyed it quite a lot, with all the addons for bots and trying out new things. But like you said, the situation is quite dead, and i still check on this forum, just incase the situation changes Now that ive started playing retail wow, im looking into new bots, but it feels like all the current bots are scams, and im not sure if its worth buying. I usually check here wether there are any bots that has been cracked for retail, or bots that are being developed here.
  2. Also how can i make the bot to always go into cat form when attacking, cuz sometimes it just runs towards enemies and just atk with polearm...
  3. Does anyone know how to make the bot wait for BG doors to open instead of jumping around like a crazy person?
  4. Hey, ive been searching for an answere for this for a long time. Is there any way to make the bot gather nodes underwater? and maybe even use aquatic form if playing on a druid?
  5. anyone knows how to make it gather nodes underwater ?
  6. anyone have a combat routine for prot palas? i tried to change the paladin file but it didnt work.
  7. i cant get it to work either, i think they did an update or something...
  8. its probably easier if u take a screenshot instead of planing a time for someone to be online and monitor you... before you do that, make sure you have followed the step by step guide by Deathburn, (most ppl ignore that).
  9. I get that mostly when im starting the bot inside a BG, when it happens outside I just restart the bot then it will work again. Just to be sure, check if the mesh folder is in the right location. I have extracted the bot to a folder called "Buddy", inside that folder I created a folder called "Auth", then I extracted the mesh folder to the "Auth" folder. so it should look something like this: tell us if the problem is fixed =)
  10. if it doesnt work on win8, im pritty sure it wont work on win10... its about compatibility issues...
  11. not only HB but many other bots doesnt work on win8+ i dont know why but they just dont... so im using VMware although the prefomance is bad it actually depends on how much of the PC power u share... like RAM and stuff. I started by sharing 2gig RAM and it was painful, then i increased to 4 and it was a bit better. so i think it might have something to do with that. All you can do now (if u dont want to use VMware) is to wait till they update this bot.
  12. check the post above yours... i just answered that question...
  13. I dont know what Tuna is, nor have i ever used lazyraider but i think u will find what u r looking for in the profile section...
  14. Never had this problem, but try deleting the whole settings forlder and then extract it again from the rar file. tell us if it worked.
  15. Any link for it on CD ? cuz i dont trust outside sources