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  1. hahaha
  2. Good tip to decrease GPU consumption : In game. /console RenderScale [0.01-1] 1 is the default value. For example : /console RenderScale 0.1
  3. Hey Foxez ! Should be amazing to got some cracked forum accounts of ZZukBot :
  4. Don't necro this thread :3
  5. Hello can inform me how do i use Zygor, Dugi & Tycoon i still do not know how .. thanks!

  6. <3

    1. Mickur


      Ye dick, go away.

      jk <3

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us
  8. Welcome in Honorbuddy world
  9. You should use TuanAH from SVN. Loggin is currently disabled. There is a new version of Enyo for legion. You can download it here :
  10. Meeeh you can't
  11. And of course, they will not give us more information. The members had given enough to cover costs for 8 months ! It represents how much money ? It is not enough to give us more information ? And obviously for you, it is still not enough! Eight months of covered expenses. One already gone. It's to wonder if you'd take over CodeDeception. So yes, the lack of information also starts to get us angry. It makes me wonder if you really work on it...
  12. Mithras <3
  13. We should ban people who ask stupid questions lel