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  1. its okay i was going to donate to this site but i bought storm buddy instead. you can close thread!
  2. Hi is not worwking. I was thinking bout VIP buy I'd rather just buy demonbuddy instead. thankx for nothing.
  3. Hi guys I want to know if auth CD patcher works for storm buddy because I want to start botting HOTS. Leveling is very repetitive in this game and this bot would be nice to have!
  4. Application Name: Archebuddy Application Description: A bot for ArcheAge, lvling, questing, and so on. Application Download Link: Official Webpage:
  5. Application name: Hide All Ip Application description: IP hider and VPN program Application download link: Official Webpage:
  6. Application Name: Maple Ninja Application Description: Bot for Maple Story Application Download Link: https://onedrive.liv...A630F47F190!110 Click on the bottom-most file (mapleninja_155.1.x) and download the zip file. Password to unzip is which is their site name. Official Webpage: