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  1. Thanks as always
  2. To be honest I don't give a crap about any drama going on or who did what all I know is that this thread is kept updated religiously week after week without fail and that is done by @Rainsky So for that as always much appreciation from me and many many others!
  3. Rain you are a legend..ty very very much!
  4. Yes I fully understand that I will use something else on launch and wait patiently for hopefully good news that you can do and when it gets always much appreciated !
  5. On there site it now has a timer which is for release and I think it times out at around 6pm uk time on Monday.
  6. For people asking about classic zygor release here is the info Our launch phase will likely begin Friday, August 23rd, and will feature several promotional videos and announcements to go over the content and features that will be available on day one, with the official release going live soon after. bear in mind then it has to be looked at before a release here so please be patient im sure rain/fox will post it if they can as soon as they can this space I guess and be patient these guys do this for us and we all should appreciate it and be patient
  7. Thanks as always
  8. Speedy updates yet again thanks to Rainsky and Foxez
  9. As always big thanks to you and foxez
  10. yes me since I updated last night...was fine on previous version as I got 2 to 90 yesterday afternoon then after I update this issue..i am just rolling back until its sorted
  11. No I changed it so no plugins were turned on. ive tried allsorts, But now just had it running fine doing the same as always for 2 hrs...weird ill just monitor it and make a report when or if it keeps happening
  12. ok now updated with log sorry just new here is all
  13. Ok so was all working perfectly fine until yesterday afternoon. Since then whenever I try any mining herbing profile (and ive tried a few dif ones) it goes ok all fine for a few mins then hb just shuts down...ive reinstalled hb twice and all the profiles with it etc but still no joy..also disabled my with skinning profiles fine so doesn't make any sence to me..any help appreciated. Thanks
  14. Ive been having this problem all day using pattos northrend megafarm after a few mins its shuts hb down...tried turning of av still same outcome...other profiles work fine though? was all running tiptop on this profile yesterday
  15. Ah sorry im noob just found this place a Cpl days ago and yes I wont be a leecher for long will don in next few days thanks for the help will go check it out now