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  1. Application Name: Velocity Application Description: Velocity gives your Windows desktop offline access to over 150 API documentation sets (provided by Dash for OS X) Application Download Link: Official Webpage:
  3. It's done, when it's done.
  4. Some people need to compensate their tiny weiner.
  5. Application Name: Firehawk Application Description: Your premium ingame addons installer & updater. Firehawk makes your ingame addons management easy as 1-2-3. Just install, set your game paths and you are ready to go. Application Download Link: Official Webpage:
  6. Firehawk supports Tukui, too.
  8. I just bought a lifetime license to get rid of that license invalidation shit.
  9. Within the profiles, you won't find any surprise. If there's anything, you have to check those files which are not included in the zip file
  10. And why dont u just get a Zygor subscription?
  11. You can just not use Zygors Gold guide without the data.
  12. Because you don't have the required historical data from the cloud? You need the Zygor client and an active subscription in order to get it.
  13. Multiaccount detected
  14. Dotpeek. Never had any problems so far.