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  2. just start in 32bit.. its easy... just rename the exe
  3. sad looks like no skilled cracker here
  4. im from germany to but you just need a proxy to download demonbuddy file more not close DB run CDP via admin choce vip or public don't close CDP patcher run demonbuddy use the CODEDECEPTION KEY login done tested version 442 and working fine without proxy and im from germany
  5. ah ok good to know dat 439 build supporting patch 2.4.0 now i need to find this builde i hope today will 443 cdp updated sry for my bad english
  6. maby he has the new DB version 443 is not supported
  7. sad yeah i got the 6month ban but i used this bot only 3 days long after this 3 days i uninstallt this bot bc i just want to bot my alt from 90 to 100 after 1month i got this ban looks like they flag user over 1 month or somenthing sry for my bad english
  8. ok thx bro good to know <3
  9. mhh i downloaded 2 days ago the meshes should i delete the meshes ?
  10. bro you can find the meshes in General Releases section :=)
  11. i have a question have you a AMD-FX cpu?
  12. i have this error to 2 yeahrs ignore this error