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  1. Not you tool. but does work. Careful on your certs though.
  2. Application Name: RoyalBot 2.6.3 Application Description: Bot For android Game Clash Royale Application Download Link: https://forum.royalbot.org/attachment.php?aid=156 Official Webpage: https://forum.royalbot.org/index.php The developer have deserted the project. I want to continue working on it and keeping updated. If we could grab source i would love you long time!
  3. I just wanted to check out his prediction. I'm using A heavily modded version of UberCharge in C# it was mess with nesting issues. i cleaned the source recompiled and its a "personal: version
  4. Just saying thanks for your Guide here. If you ever felt bored and wanted to take a look at Soldier Source in C# I would love any sort of advice or help
  5. I thought OverAim Was written in AHK? I must have the wrong Site. www.overaim.kr This whole time i thought i Had OverAim. Good stuff there.
  6. Im checking this out now. I have Soldier82 Source decompiled and a mess. Trying to clean it up. I have personally Got every other one i know of public or paid done and sourced. Except (Dva Systems and Soldier) Virus Scan on These Files Looked Dirty FYI. Do you have Just Source?
  7. Application Name: sanguo-A0812 Application Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!j9hzgY6D!Sx63UDTfCBl0dseNPRprVNfQGX5MHLeR91kxCuWTakM Application Description: Overwatch Hack With Login to Bypass Official Webpage: http://hackers-aimbot.com/info.asp?id=1118
  8. Application Name: StormBuddy Application Description: Heroes Of The Storm Bot by Bossland GMBH Application Download Link: http://updates.buddyauth.com/GetNewest?filter=Stormbuddy Official Webpage: http://www.stormbuddy.com/
  9. This is all news to me. Sad to see @Suspense Leave Well hide in the shadows really. But welcome and Hi to the new owners/supermods/whathaves, kind of sounds like a Nulled feel arising.
  10. Go into your HB DIrectory C:\Users\tofsen\HB\Settings Delete stuff in there. Restart Bot
  11. LoL i know bud. I was just linking posts with multipile fixes cause it seems like a crapshoot to what "Actually" fixes the issue.
  12. Refrence Multipile Honobuddy posts with the same issue and clearing settings fixing it. https://www.thebuddyforum.com/honorbuddy-forum/honorbuddy-support/87595-type-initializer-styx-helpers-uisettings-threw-exception.html https://www.thebuddyforum.com/honorbuddy-forum/honorbuddy-support/97526-type-initializer-styx-helpers-uisettingsthrew-exception.html One post with a DX9 Fix and settings https://www.thebuddyforum.com/honorbuddy-forum/honorbuddy-support/89164-styx-helpers-uisettings-threw-exception.html
  13. Try Clearing Your settings Folder