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  1. I am a big fan and really apprciate your good work, Please can you crack the latest version of http://ancalog.tech/AncalogBuilder.zip

      there is a new bin added and modified builder, I can donate a few $$ to encourage your work mate..I appreciate

  2. Can't download, requires login, upload to a different place .
  3. Nice download link.
  4. because this link is old
  5. This is not a proper download link.
  6. SmartBot - A Hearthstone Bot <Last update: 26.01.2015> Information Name: SmartCCBot Version: 16.2 Vendor's website: http://smartccbot.com Instructions Download NulledIOLauncherLogin with your Nulled.IO CredentialsSelect 'SmartCCBot' under 'Cracked Programs'Launch it (yes, download will take a while...)Screenshot Download Available through Nulled.IO Launcher: Nulled.IO Launcher - Access cracked programs with ease - Cracked Programs - Nulled.io
  7. Why do it so hard finn when you can just de4dot it. Open file in Simple Assembly Explorer, search for string "Invalid password" change brtrue.s to brfalse.s, save and done. ? I dont have WoW so i cant really test it but the to me it looks like it can be done way easier, with less tools.
  8. Already cracked, learn to use google
  9. If its so easy to crack you should do it!
  10. People should rather just say "Well done!" instead of these useless questions Good work man!
  11. I coded the program into a keygen. Just use this key
  12. I love the fact that you think youre a wise ass.
  13. Not that difficult but not doin this for free. maybe someone else wants to do it.