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  5. Thank you very much, very useful
  6. January 17th, 2020 Version: 7.0.21603 GOLD GUIDE * Inventory list added when selling items. Note: For the time being, prices only reflect historical averages not current pricing. * Zygor Gold Guide Tooltips re-enabled after being mistakenly disabled.
  7. Ty for the latest updates
  8. January 16th, 2020 Version: 7.0.21599 LEVELING Updated Magni's Plan - Updated the "Watch Your Step" stage of "The Engine of Nalak'sha" scenario to reflect tile changes on the floor and provide a more optimal route. DAILIES Updated Lesser Visions of N'Zoth - Added valid check to ensure the player has accepted or completed the quest "Descending Into Madness.
  9. Tyvm for this dude
  10. thanks guys nice job
  11. Thanks a lot Rainsky. You're Nice!
  12. @Lucrece14 in the first post
  13. Hello, How to get link for last version Zygor guide? Thanks
  14. January 15th, 2020 Version: 7.0.21591 LEVELING [A] Added Worgen Heritage Armor [A] Added Mechagnome Race Unlock [H] Added Vulpera Race Unlock [H] Added Goblin Heritage Armor (Re-added, as these were originally included but went missing in a previous update.)
  15. Thank you @Rainsky
  16. Retail January 14th, 2020 Version: 7.0.21583 PETS/MOUNTS Added Awakened Mindborer Added Reek Added Black Serpent of N'Zoth Updated Wailing Caverns - Re-wrote pet battle dungeon guide. Added Ivory Cloud Serpent Added Malevolent Drone TITLES Added The Awakened Added Veteran of the Fourth War ACHIEVEMENTS Added Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Four Added Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Four Added Pet Battle Challenge: Blackrock Depths Added The Even More Horrific Vision of Stormwind Added The Even More Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar Added Reeking of Visions Added The Fourth War Added Through the Depths of Visions Added We Have the Technology Added The Shadows Revealed
  17. Thanks for all the updates brother.
  18. Retail January 14th, 2020 Version: 7.0.21577 8.3 compatibility fix for EU realms
  19. thanks a bunch, money is tight or I'd buy a legit copy, but this really helps with my game time a lot... thank you
  20. thanks a lot
  21. Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and updates for Zygor!
  22. i don't know
  23. Earlier
  24. Can you please have a moderator give me the post you made for my application?

  25. Hey guys. I recently had made a beta release for my original ni application. This is a complete re write of it, and now on c++. The purpose of this application was initially for a friend to use on Warmane as they detect PQR and other lua unlockers. Currently, ni only has a few profiles from what I and a few others have made, but it also has PQR profile support where you can convert the profile from the launcher. With the more recent versions I have aimed for being able to have access to all the data that the object manager pulls, so majority of the "addon" and it's callbacks are from the lua. Attached are a few video examples of the application in use: PQR Profile conversion in action ni Priest Rotation (Multi dotting items from the object manager/dps closest unit without targeting) Auto Follower mode (DK following the priest I'm controlling) Object Manager for finding units Changing Rendering This application is being actively developed and I try my best to provided support and add features at request (if feasible and applicable). For more information you can reach out on Discord at ni Discord To download ni, please use the following link:
  26. It was developed with the initial purpose being that my friend needed something on Warmane because of their detection. So, I'd like to say it's undetected as I've used it since creation on that server, haha.
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