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  5. If you are wanting to automate your crypto trading on any exchange, this bot is for you! This has been the easiest money i've ever made with a bot and it successfully predicts crypto changes whether it's going up or down and buys & sells accordingly. I am happy to share this with you all today as the new launch of this bot is very huge step for me personally in growing my crypto and i am a bit of an investing noob and i've done pretty well just using this bot as it can determine when to sell off at the perfect time so i never lose my shirt in a crash ever again. As you can see the bitbot ninja is a crypto bot that is quite easy to use as you will find out for yourself, you can integrate it with any exchange you like that is currently supported amongst those is binance, kraken, and coinbase pro. If you want any other exchange to be added simply request it and the developers will take care of the rest, i know other exchanges are being added such as kucoin and such as you start it up you will see the list of exchanges to choose from. So if you setup your kraken to it, you will need to create the API keys from your crypto account to put in the bitbot for it to work with. It will never use your crypto exchange login, only the API keys and that limits it to only be able to access buying and selling and viewing balances, basically stuff that any crypto trading bot would need. So you can quit worrying about whether or not the bitbot ninja, will ninja your cryptos. Moving on with setup, it is very easy you can set it to auto buy back in after it sells as well it can determine and recalculate a new profit threshold to adjust it's stop loss and profit trailing percentages. You will find this setup guide very simple to follow, the bitbot ninja supports any crypto trading pair and you can choose to cash out into filthy fiat or your stable coins of your choice. Also it has the ability to connect to your telegram to send you notifications of what actions it takes or it can tell you what trades to make in simulation mode so you can follow the alerts and do it by hand, sort of like having signals on when to buy or sell. As you can see it will keep you in the loop on any actions it takes and it does it ninja fast too. Any questions feel free to ask or just check out their site at and sign up for a free trial and get an invite to the private group chat with the developer.
  6. Zygor Classic TBC | January 17th, 2022 | Release:2.1.26222
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  9. wait lol
  10. Hello, I am trying to use this with Apollo 3 server, and whenever it attaches to the client, the game crashes. I'm not too sure what's going on.
  11. How do i get my key pls? A bit new, any help appreciated.
  12. You can only edit certain breakpoint stats such as IAS, FCR, FHR, FBR without getting ban hammered. The other stats are server side checks, but at the start of the game these breakpoints are client side so we can give our character a little boost of 1-2 frames. Here you can see the layout of the breakdown of breakpoints So lets get started by opening up zhipei while in game by pressing the delete key Now we have that open we'll open up our character panel with C And if we click the arrow to expand our stats we'll have a more clear breakdown of our stats so as you can see our focus for this demonstration will be faster cast rate, since we are already have some gear on our character for FCR we can reach max breakpoint already since we have some gear to reach first breakpoint pretty much. The hack allows a buffer of 1 1/2 frames as you can see i have reached the first breakpoint with gear, and we will use the hack to reach max breakpoint. Now we go back and check our character stats As you can see we reached max fcr without having all the gear to do so EPIC If you are looking for more info getting the zhipei dominate tool check out the video below
  13. [5:37 PM] Try this. It should install the needed dependencies for you.
  14. Zygor Classic | January 11th, 2022 | Release: 1.1.26180 Zygor Classic TBC | January 4th, 2022 | Release:2.1.26180 Zygor Retail | January 11th, 2022 | Release:8.1.26180
  15. I have Dugiz Cata, Pandaria, Legion & BFA to post for private servers.
  16. Honorbuddy always crashes @start Here is the log Running 32bit wow with dx11 runned both as admin deleted Bossland older multiple times tryed it without Plugins/Bots/CR´s etc tryed it with my old Cata Meshes, moved to the bossland folder and changed pth in global setting tryed a lot more i renember i got the same issue years ago with my cata HB, and it was a meshes problem sry for my bad english
  17. anyone knows where can i find a wotlk leveling profile 1-80. i've tried some but theres always an issue (stuck, dont do quests, etc)
  18. how do i load the profiles ?
  19. Latest maphack update is pretty cool, you can edit the colors of the enemies and lines on the minimap.
  20. is the hb version still coming out?
  21. Hey everyone the latest addition to d2r bot has been made, you can now use the zhipei diablo 2 resurrected hack with it to auto travel to bosses. This makes it easy to farm those stones of jordan now. This bot works best for hammerdins and fire sorc. Cold Sorc will struggle in almost every boss due to immunes. Trav part of the bot right now is only for hammerdins unfortunately. Cows is in beta but available now as advertised in the members area. IF you purchased the bot from if there is ever any issue with acquiring a key for the bot from the members area send code link, Either make a help desk ticket, or add Homhethum#8489 on discord for a key, have your site username on hand. The fastest way to purchase and acquire a key is through since it's less users and you'll get support quicker if needed, after purchase log in to the members area and click send code button and an e-mail will be sent to you with your key. Common issues you may run into: Bot stopping due to mercenary being dead and out of gold. Both sites are legit & reliable resellers and you will not find a better deal currently in comparison. Other people selling this kind of bot want upwards of $200 for it, so save your money and go through and get the monthly deal of only 15 quid, this bot is nice but it's not $200 nice. When zhi pei's bot the "take over" bot is released it will be probably the best dll injection bot available due to it providing support for any class and all bosses while also being able to run in the background while you use your pc for anything else. but it won't be as cheap as the d2rassist bot. And they have the best deal on the dominate zhipei hack, it was $50 monthly but now only half that as their boss figured it is better to get more people aware of their software with maphack that has way more features that any bots but thats why the d2rassist bot makes use of the zhipei hack to keep up with the needs of botters. You will need to go farm some trav runs for gold or farm some flawless gems to vendor, the best way is to use the zhipei telepickit and set gold to be one of the items in the pickit and you'll tele pickit all the gold drops as well as adding gems, then go ahead and manually revive your mercenary before restarting. If you ever get a "Key in use" message Homhethum#8489 on discord to reset it at no extra cost. After installing the redistributable package make sure to restart your computer before you try to open the bot or you will get a "key in use error" Download appears to be stuck when updating. Have patience the update server is slow. Once the update is complete the new version will be in a Releases folder you'll have to unzip it. Please note that anytime you use zhipei, your key is stored in the loader.dat file in the zhipei folder, if you are using the zhipei standalone from the bot and launching it in separate folders then keep this in mind if it asks for your key again if you do an update and get a fresh zhipei folder install. also things to be mindful of is the fact when you use zhipei in the bot it disables the bot's pickit settings, so that makes it much easier to manage.
  22. RoS-BOT is what i use as of now very easy to use and it is cheap here is a link if you need any help with it let me know
  23. Auth down. Everyone is stuck waiting for Whitecat to get back online.
  24. Authentication failed! Logging in... My key was activate before :/ why that ?
  25. This is the one i use
  26. Pretty good a mount of people using this without any issues yes.
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