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  4. I doubt ever would happen. As they track everything by IP.
  5. New alpha testing has begun. You can try it. Use a vpn. Connect to Australia. Close google play. Delete the cache. Add a new account with active vpn. Normally you can download the game. I succeeded.
  6. It seems like all the profiles just use the same function that seems to come with Honorbuddy. They dont actually have any new functions they just call the default one so i dont see how changing a profile could solve it.
  7. Yea dont really have the time sorry. But now i got another problem, the bot does the same thing when having to repair. It just goes to the npc opens the ui and stands there doing nothing.
  8. If you have the time and inclination I can show you. You can try the profiles I already create.
  9. In the future, yes, I do. I'm only at level 30 and the Horder. And that undead and tauren Can you create profiles?
  10. I create quest profiles. If you have the time you are welcome.
  11. Try deleting the cache and doing a fresh install. It is broken. C:\Users\Likon69\AppData\Local\Bossland GmbH delete Bossland GmbH.
  12. Using that plugin works. Also readded the npc with the dev tools things to the xml but it still didnt do it without the plugin.
  13. What's that? Vitalic on cata was in a pqr version. Just at the end of panda he came with honorbuddy. Can you show me what you are saying?
  14. I have use vitalic in the Honnorbuddy bot for 4.3.4 and i wish i can use it to in MOP thanks for the information
  15. Nice can you share With me this things like ArenaJoin Plugin and the Vitalic CC ? i will use it for BG Thanks for your Great Work
  16. Ah so it might be a problem with the vendor? I think it shouldnt be a problem since it opens the vendor UI but i guess ill try, thanks
  17. it is already active automatic sale. Try to replace the seller with developper tools. If you have discord it is easier.
  18. I cant find automatic sale. Clicking bot settings only brings this up and clicking Settings and Tools brings this up
  19. In bot settings I guess everything is active? "automatic sale". try to remove the seller from the profile and place another one with developper tools + copy xml
  20. It goes to the npc and opens the ui, and no HB only says "selling items" and the profile is
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