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  5. November 12th, 2019 Version: 1.0.21281 PROFESSIONS Farming guides added. Version: 1.0.21275 Fixed licensing issue. November 11th, 2019 Version: 1.0.21269 GENERAL [Gear Advisor] Fixed system not scoring statless armor properly. LEVELING Escort quests will no longer be autoaccepted, if the autoaccept option is enabled.
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  7. Don't Like to play in VM, so... But since I just used it to quickly change my main game window, resize and remove window borders from my game windows, I solved my problem with some scripting using the very archaic HKN. With my script I can do everything I need, launch and resize/position removing borders on all games, switch and resize/position main game, show/hide all games... but it's just not the same. If you have the time and patience to check it, would appreciate! Thanks once again!
  8. Mhh well at least you found a way to still use it I dont know exactly but it should not be too hard to do a little re-code of this
  9. Thank you so much for keep update zygor, you are awesome
  10. @Rainsky Thanks for the reply. I tried already but same thing. Also tried with sandboxie. Yes, it fixed a lot of things and got many new good features. @SND I also already tested on a Fresh Updated Windows 10 VM and it has the same problem that I have in my PC. Looks like it really was Windows 10. Ohh well.. thanks everyone!
  11. @coisas try it in the windows 10 sandbox? That Anniversary Update fixed, a lot of things good or bad.
  12. Hello once again! I tested on a Windows 7 VM and it works well... Damn Windows 10... From what I searched looks like these errors started after Anniversary Update. Probably nothing can be done... It's just old software. Will test on other VM with newly installed and updated Windows 10 later, to confirm if its updated Windows 10 or just this PC. Thanks for the support!
  13. what do you mean run from windows 7? my OS is windows 10? i need more information about this fix as I'm struggling same as "saxedk"
  14. Cleaned up the last thread inputs.
  15. I will look in to it later @Perilous1 Thanks for saying so. Others just say link is dead and do not say what link. You said retail and now I see I just forgot to post the new link.
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  17. It looks like the file for Retail has been deleted.
  18. Retail November 5th, 2019 Version: 7.0.21240 GENERAL * Gearfinder: removed unnecessary data from DH and DK * Gearfinder: Fixed error that caused priest to be suggested non-cloth gear * Fixed astral recall trying to port to sw/orgri only LEVELING [H] Fixed Winterspring (40-60) - Set next guide to Un'Goro Crater. PETS/MOUNTSAdded Lil' NefarianAdded Obsidian WorldbreakerACHIEVEMENTS[A] Added Stormpike Battle Ram[A] Fixed Well Read - Fixed a typo on step 41.[H] Added Frostwolf SnarlerAdded Memories of Fel, Frost and FireAdded Alterac Valley of Olde
  19. First of all thanks for the kind words Well i cannot say why it stopped working , i honestly never tested the main part of PwnBoxer, i just removed the login / auth parts. But from what you tell me , it sounds like it could be a windows 10 issue yes.. Maybe just for the interest, try setting up a windows 7 / 8 virtual machine real quick with a trial version of windows and copy over the WoW Client and PwnBoxer. If it does not work there either , report it to me . I will try to test it at my home computer later with 3.3.5a too and post the result .
  20. Well if that is true then it would "never" be a trial. Seeing no one else had that issue but you. So the problem is not the file but the person that is extracting it. Updated and fixed? No for everyone else it has worked fine. If your saved variables are damaged it gives errors. If trying to extract a "New" archive with hold software it gives errors. But you claim to know what you are doing and the "only" one that had it as a trial. So that clearly indicated the file was not the issue at all. Because I can literally guarantee is would not be a trial.
  21. It has since worked fine. One of the days I was acquiring it it was only applying as trial version. Probably just got updated and fixed? It has only happened once for me. /* I know what im doing decently well thanx */
  22. So I'm a bit shocked right now. I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this. I've been using cowboy's bios patch latest nvidia 330m driver for a while now on windows 10, but I just found something really interesting. As usual, every feature update breaks my nvidia driver, requiring me to reinstall every update. This time, I just wanted to try and see what would happen if I tried to install the original hybrid graphics driver it came with for Windows 7. I have set the bios settings from dynamic to auto with test mode disabled... ... and the switch is working... including the auto brightness. The auto brightness and the brightness key on both stamina and speed are working I can switch from speed to stamina, but the screen goes black, requiring me to simply put the laptop to sleep and wake it back up no need to reboot I can switch with no problem. Did Microsoft fix the driver compatibility after all these years?? I find this hard to believe, but it's working, right in front of me. This means bios hack is no longer needed to use the nvidia chip anymore on Windows 10 for this laptop. Huh. .
  23. Looks good. Shows it's roots as an updated version of Schnellboot but with some nice new ideas. Not sure about the cards yet but will see how it plays. Submarine targets and Aircraft are a neat addition.
  24. It was specially registered at a forum to tell to you thanks for the information, can, I too can help you something? .
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