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  2. Hey Sandstrom, Could you please share your profiles, plugins, classes? Thanks in advance
  3. Run wow & bot from win7
  4. If you still have errors, run from windows 7
  5. Yesterday
  6. thanks guys for continuous updates i really appreciate this
  7. Last week
  8. Yes? I posted that yesterday
  9. Version: 7.0.20585
  10. Fixed, seems pasting over the old links does not work. So I just pasted as text and that fixes it.
  11. Thanks, man, appreciated
  12. Can't download it, 404 - Just typed the Link by myself in the Browser. Hyperlink isnt Working because it takes all links to the Download Sources.
  13. New release
  14. Bump, Sellin!
  15. thanks
  16. nice
  17. Earlier
  18. Hi, if you are horde, in zygor options, cancel travel map node.
  19. its all good im not playing horde right now just noticed it when i logged on to them to get there mount bonus from the mail Thanks for the quick reply
  20. Oh that error, I fixed that on alliance. Did not know horse had it too. I would wait until the next release, they might fix it all then. Instead of me temp fixing it.
  21. Just wondering if anyone else is getting this bug with 7.0.20558 WARNING: Travel system reports map node count mismatch. Faction H, 2856 nodes present, 2854 expected. Please file a bug report with the above message. You might want to disable the Travel System temporarily, as it's unstable now. We're sorry about that. It's only for Horde does not happen on any of my Alliance toons.
  22. Pleas update the accounts
  23. New Release
  24. thx <3
  25. Done sorry I updated the link and forgot the topic
  26. thanks for the update
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