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  5. Thanks a lot for this release and your hard work! Really appreciated man! Keep the good work as usual! <3
  6. Cylance scanner found 1 thing, but says it is unsafe. No virus is found. So your Virus you got is not from your file. So how about you get your facts straight. Before you blame others for your own action and your own file. Clearly the file is not the problem. But the problem is named Web-Slinger.
  7. I show you an intivirus scan. It's not possible that your problem comes from this hack. If you're not happy, go find another hack elsewhere. We don't share infected files :@ You're lucky I'm more of a moderator. I would have banned you.
  8. Доброго времени суток . Ваш форум мне показался очень привлекательным и перспективным. Хочу приобрести рекламное место для баннера в шапке, за $1500 в месяц. Оплачивать буду через WebMoney, 50% сразу, а 50% через 2 недели. И еще, адрес моего сайта - он не будет противоречить тематике? Спасибо! Напишите о Вашем решении мне в ПМ или на почту [email protected]
  9. Careful on the web? This virus filled hack was the very first problem I had on my PC in 6 years... and your shady 3rd party website links..
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  11. Can I contact Administration? I'ts important. Thank.
  12. Where is moderator?? I'ts important. Regards.
  13. Can I contact Administration? It is important. Regards.
  14. Where is moderator?? It is important. Thank.
  15. Where is moderator?? It is important. Regards.
  16. Where is administration? I'ts important. Thank.
  17. Where is admin? It is important. Thank.
  18. I am not a very active member here, but i usually check on this forum from time to time. I enjoyed it quite a lot, with all the addons for bots and trying out new things. But like you said, the situation is quite dead, and i still check on this forum, just incase the situation changes Now that ive started playing retail wow, im looking into new bots, but it feels like all the current bots are scams, and im not sure if its worth buying. I usually check here wether there are any bots that has been cracked for retail, or bots that are being developed here.
  19. Not to mention, Diablo 4 is also comming around before too long. -My guess is within a year maybe, maybe a bit longer? I'm really looking forward to a good dungeon grinder game. -I still play diablo 2 rather ofen, and Torgast in WoW: SL just doesn't make it for me, as it is currently
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  21. Hi you can leave him when he takes the quest. Or you can remove it from the xml profile. But you had to remove the name and id and coordinate them. You have to delete everything about this quest.
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