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How to use the Crypto Trading Bot and an overview of how BitBot achieves a 90% accuracy in trades.

Crypto Trading Bot Overview and BitBot Manual

1. What is a crypto trading bot?

1.2 The Benefits of a cryptocurrency trading bot
1.3 The disadvantages of a cryptocurrency trading bot

2. Where to download a crypto trading bot?

3. Crypto trading market analysis

4. Ichimoku Analysis with crypto trading

5. MACD Analysis with crypto trading

6. Crypto trading market indicators

What exactly makes BitBot Pro a cryptocurrency trading bot the easiest to use?

BitBot Pro is an automation software that connects to the cryptocurrency exchange and places buy/sell orders based on predefined criteria. This relieves investors of the need to constantly watch the markets, which allows them to focus on other aspects of their business. There are a few other crypto trading bots to use but while investing is a primary source of income for most who are looking to secure an investment portfolio. BitBot is one of the most easiest to setup crypto trading bots while others may be only set up to be used on a server or within the exchange that offers it, BitBot is ran on the client’s pc with the user’s API keys for their exchanges. With simple long or short trading settings, and the option to choose cryptos based on calculations processed by on the server side of BitBot for Pro users this makes it less guess work for anyone investing in their portfolio.

What are the benefits or disadvantages of using a crypto trading bot?

Some of the benefits when using BitBot or any cryptocurrency trading bot are automated trading allows you to easily set buy/sell orders based on your criteria. This means that you can execute trades that you would not be able to manually. If the bot uses technical analysis, you can benefit from the software’s findings without having to spend the time doing the analysis yourself, while using rumors or blogs as relevance it still does not give an accurate display of current market trends. If you are new to crypto trading, you might find it difficult to understand how the bot is programmed to make decisions and execute trade orders. There is not much need for knowing how it works more so what it looks for, eventually you can manually utilize the crypto trading signals for doing leveraged margin trades.Bots don’t have emotions and don’t get tired. They will execute your trade orders as programmed without any emotion or bias.

This means that they won’t take into account your personal risk tolerance when executing trades. Crypto Bots can execute trades at very low latency, usually even faster than human traders as binance provides fastest API access calls. It’s a good idea to start small with any crypto bot trading and test different strategies.

This will help you understand how bots can help you. If a strategy isn’t working, you can easily switch to a new one without risking a lot of money. As you set up and monitor your bots, you will start learning the best strategies to employ. You can tweak the parameters of your bots to improve their performance.

If a strategy isn’t working, you can switch to another one that might get better results. A stop loss of 2% is fair, but with some highly volatile cryptos you may want no stop loss as there is many cryptos that have a trend of pumping upwards of 15% in an hour and crashing back down as well, or some crypto that will jump 3-6% within a minute for no reason besides wash trading. It is not hard to think that someone running a crytpo exchange may have someone that is tasked with wash trading their exchange to liquidate trader’s positions and providing the volatility, there was a study recently that provided the data to prove that 70% of trading across 20-30 major crypto exchanges are all wash trades. Wash trading is basically the NFT situation you see where people are selling their pixels on a screen for hefty amounts to establish a value with that NFT, this is basically what art is and how big fish store value in assets aside from cash that can be seized or can be subject to other issues such as inflation. The inflation issue many have not understood that some actual currencies becoming worth less such as GBP not having as much buying power as the USD. While trading crypto it is going to be a good idea to take profit consistently when prices are bouncing but the fees of trading must be taken into consideration. Some exchanges fees may be higher than others.

Where to download the free crypto trading bot to try out on any exchange

Getting started with BitBot Pro is easy just to sign up and get a 3 day key to try it out on your preferred exchange. You can get the regular BitBot or BitBot Pro for 3 days and if you do not like it just request a cancellation before the 3 days are up. While BitBot is designed for established crypto balance holders who want their crypto portfolio on their exchange to be consistently sold off on before expected crashes and buying back after a stabilized dip. This is a long trading method, so while it is a good long term strategy for those with a big balance that they want to grow steadily there are newcomers who want to put $100 or even $1000+ to get fast results.
Crypto Trading Bot Exchange Choices
This is where short selling comes in handy and if you had notices many exchanges do not allow short selling cryptos but KuCoin is one that allows short selling without KYC info submitted. So after buying you would setup your KuCoin account and get your API info and deposit crypto from your preferred exchange to buy bitcoin or tether, as we will primarily be discussing how to trade with USDT trading pairs. You will find cheap fees buying crypto from coinpayments.net, mercuryo.io, cashapp, kraken, and i would suggest not buying crypto on coinbase unless you’re planned to get it stuck in their holding period that lasts a week before you can transact it.

This will probably more than likely result in loosing a substantial amount of your balance if you use coinbase and are not able to transact it. Another similar issue with Binance is their 5 day holding period when you deposit fiat, apps such as cashapp allow you to buy and send bitcoin same day if you’re approved to withdraw crypto externally. And for accounting reasons you will be glad you have your KuCoin account setup without KYC as you do not need the extra leverage/margin options above 10x provides risk that is not usually worth the reward as you may make a 100x trade and it will only take 1% negative on the trade to be liquidated, so being able to use 10x with $1000 provides $10,000 to trade with on isolated margin without KYC which is very convenient.

Also Cross margin provides 5x borrowing so you can trade short and long simultaneously with the same balance, if you wanted to short sell a crypto with 5x so you are using $1000 and borrow 5x so you short a position for $5000 and then have the tether ready to be used for a long trade providing you an easy way to use margin if you are shorting an crypto asset that is consistently dropping in value such as bitcoin or doge, being another great option to short sell to provide liquidity to trade long with. So those who are new to trading and want to make a daily profit an establish their portfolio, while starting with $100 if you were to gain 30% daily you would a billionaire in a year if you kept reinvesting that profit. So combining $100 with 10x margin would give you $1000 to trade with therefore making a 3% trade with the $1000 would make that a 30% gain for the $100 collateral that was started with, resulting in a balance resulting with $130 after that 3% trade.

Many people may react based on rumors or news of the cryptocurrency market which is driven by supply and demand, there is many people who are concerned about tether minting billions at a time for their exchanges they have deals with. To understand how supply and demand impacts the value of a cryptocurrency, you have to understand how traders use technical analysis.

Crypto trading Bots such as BitBot able to trade simultaneously the exchange and position of short versus long

With bitbot pro you get many benefits such as short selling, the primary source of all future expected profits to be made. Being able to be programmed to execute specific strategies based on your personal preferences, such as risk and profit tolerance, or the amount of time you have to monitor trades as well as being able to run multiple sessions to monitor multiple exchanges for trading opportunities, which means you don’t have to monitor them manually. If you do plan to manually monitor them, Bitbot provides the tools needed to secure winning trades allowing you to manually put in leveraged margin trade positions. There are many ways to Use crypto trading bots effectively, BitBot Pro makes it just a bit easier.

Crypto Trading Bots are very hard to come by and rarely do they ever make sense to use or how to use. This crypto trading bot with BitBot Pro makes it easy Ninja profits all while being on autopilot and has been steadily making it’s user base profits daily and sometimes with utilization of the graphs manually it helps take out the guess work right away you can distinguish what is ready to be trading long or short as well, it can do short selling and long trading so you can profit on both inverses of the market. Whether it’s going up or down, the BitBot will know exactly which crypto to cash in on and cash out of. Managing your portfolio on your crytpo exchange has never been easier, it is no wonder some exchanges offer bot solutions but they are sometimes a bit confusing to setup and lack the results you are expecting from automated crypto trading.

How a crypto trading bot achieves 90%+ accuracy trades

BitBot Pro will significantly increase your profits by executing multiple trades simultaneously. takes Ichimoku analysis and MACD analysis both into factor along with histogram market indicators. All while being able to utilize all of these market indicators and calculate current market trends with server side checks. While BitBot is ran on client side so you have a more accurate way of trading, you can use the Pro version that opens the ability for short selling trades and also server side calculations. For many people, the crypto market is just too volatile and risky. While volatility and risk increase our profits as we utilize short selling. Many investors have lost money, and many of those are now too scared to invest in crypto. However, crypto trading bots have been around for a few years now, and they can be a good way for investors to reduce risk and exposure to volatility, while still making a profit.

Display of the Ichimoku Analysis on the BitBot Crypto Trading Bot, it is quite easy to understand this graph. With the forecast being where the Kijun Sen, Tenkan Sen, Chikou Span & Close values are converging at we can clearly see what is going to happen with the crypto if it’s going up or down, this crypto trading bot factors this in with MACD analysis as well.

Crypto Trading Bot Ichimoku Analysis

This is the type of crypto trading bot you’ll need to maintain your crypto portfolio, there is no reason to get eaten by the whales who already know the waves of the crypto ocean and how to make money off the various market variables. It all comes down to numbers with the crypto trading bot we have been using is very good at what it does currently with storing our API keys client side as well, we don’t have to worry about any server storing them and being vulnerable to mismanaging our api keys. So funds are always safe with this bot, the best part you can try it out for free for 3 days with no questions asked refund. The documentation is very easy to understand so you can tell there was quite a good amount of effort into conveying the simplicity without leaving detail.

It’s using verified math that is also known as Ichimoku formula which has been around for awhile in many different markets to forecast accurately where the cryptos you’re monitoring are going to keep pumping or crash so you can open positions accordingly. Lately it’s been quite the cash cow to be short selling in crypto, something is usually always crashing. This bot will make sure to keep your shirt and make you profits every day, now wait until it has the ability to use 10x isolated margin trading, so your 3% daily gains will turn into 30% daily gains.

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