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/Cracked D2R Bot source code & warning of a fake D2R Bot Org Site

Cracked D2R Bot source code & warning of a fake D2R Bot Org Site

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Not so organized, who would have guessed they would have literally paid google to run ads of a fake d2r bot site. Now I do not want to link you to the obvious site that is a scam you can find by searching in bing, i attached below the screenshots of the source code from what this virus that surprisingly was not being picked up by windows defender because of how it executes the keylogger remotely. How ironic the legit software is usually showing as a false positive and of course someone goes out of their way to make their virus not show up as one and we thought we’d be past these kind of shams. Speaking of shams you can download the d2rmab bot cracked source code because they are attempting to advertise their scam and it’s ridiculous now to see them copying other sites sales pages when this code isn’t worthy of being sold as it has a non functioning pickit and cannot even attack the targets.

While ownership of the CodeDeception branding changes we have been wanting to make it clear to announcing when there are plenty of scams going on such as even the fake d2rbot site we will get into shortly with proof, thus being able to thwart any future scams from happening this was a no brainer. As a community more can be done to not insult other’s intellect by at least warning users we suggested.

While going the extra mile to ensure brand awareness, we also have Escrow Marketplace being established for all sellers and buyers need to have a safe platform to transact on with implemented messaging system so no external communications required to also being able to request a site staff to middleman your in game item transactions to avoid exposing your botting accounts, to secure things further in which we will be launching the crypto only based escrow marketplace and with the ability to cash out with the site credits to bitcoin without marketplace transaction fees for sellers, this is very convenient and also for buyers not having to worry about wasting any of their money as utilizing a site credits platform adds an extra layer of security to your transactions.

What are the upcoming changes with CodeDeception?

It is rebuilt as an actual means to deter any deception by showing how such malicious intent is handled. So we went the extra mile and established the escrow marketplace we have been developing for the past 5 months and are continuing development with “safe buy” feature included as the main feature. Along with providing a mediation team for any marketplace activity, we have partnered with popular mmo botting platforms to bring a safe platform and suite of features as well.

Custom software development and being able to list your own scripts in a real money trade marketplace that utilizes escrow

If you want custom development you can acquire this without concern of the delivery being faltered due to people claiming to own the site that they do not. It was a no brainer to get established and quickly undermine any further tarnishing of the brand. We plan to release an all in one launcher soon for the safety of users to know what software is safe to use as it will be included in the All in One launcher to be able to save you hassle of having to search around and run software in sandboxed environments. You can now run a cloud pc environment for any software right through your browser making it easier to test out software of course and make sure it is legitimate.

The D2R Bots Org that is a blatant virus (pics included of code)

As the saying goes usually nothing good is free and nothing cheap is good. Well this makes a more blatant insult to the d2r botting community as it is neither a bot and it is not getting picked up as a virus very well due to how they structured it. It caught our attention as they first marketed their d2r bot as a crack to one of the most popular bots that are known for it’s security as they still have 0 bans from the stand alone maphack as well, you are not cracking the top d2r bot.

When a virus is not being flagged by your anti virus it should be concerning, sandboxed virtual machines solve this concern.

That was the first red flag and while anyone who has been using any automation software will know that if it is rather legit botting software it will be flagged as a false positive, we took a look into the code and saw plenty of proof that it was definitely not what it claimed to be and it is also a nuisance to see good software so quickly discouraged from using due to “false positives” which is a real thing as VMPSoft support member would say: “A False positive is the result of a flag on software from being scanned with trash anti virus” aka virustotal, which you could easily scan the fake d2r bot org download and see what kind of program it is and of course it wasn’t being flagged because they bounced it’s activity from the program to an encrypted pastebin file within the program as well to make it also not execute it from the localhost that was running it.

We can only tell you do not download free bots & hacks! Nothing good will come of it

This looks somewhat clever but after we had multiple research dev’s conduct an analysis on this it was astounding to say the least that there were also reports of people having their characters gear diddled from them and of course they downloaded a “cracked d2r bot” which is not something that is just being handed out ready to run, in fact we will 1 up them and include the source code for a certain pixel d2r bot, call it what you want, snap crackle and pop, it doesn’t matter as it is basically open source if it is not protected properly.

The D2R Bot that is not all cracked up to be

while that was going on they even paid for google ads, this was shortly lived after their first iteration of their site was removed from google (probably from all the abuse reports on the utilization of google’s platform) then they restablished on a new domain and host and we’ve submitted the same proof to let their team do their own analysis. If they don’t get booted from this host we will be a bit concerned as the least we can do is tell you not to download and run fake kolbot d2r bots, there is no such thing. The kolbot is such old code it would not be ideal to port such old code when there is more convenient ways of doing things. We will take a look at how easy it was to use exe2aut to get the source code of a certain pixel bot for d2r and their freemium model that for $200 you would think you’d get a real bot not a pixel clicker.

D2R Cracked Bot Source code
Just click this image or the link below. The code is really not even worth your time so we are saving you the hassle. D2RMab Bot Cracked Source Code for Diablo 2 Resurrected autoit code.