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WoW Private Server with no classes

Not one to usually fancy playing on a private server for world of warcraft, i did however get ads on youtube pertaining to a WoW Private Server. So I was curious, who would be advertising a private server for WoW? On youtube?? Then i saw it was a landing page for the Ascnesion Classless WoW Private Server, more so an informational landing page so they are not providing any copyrighted content directly from the ad being viewed. The nice loophole of Pay Per Click advertising, something that comes with the suspicion of a WoW Private server is also what could be the fuel keeping it up? If it’s free, where is the money being made for their servers to be lag free? For their admins to actually put time into making a working WoW Modded Server. If you ask me I think the concept is cool if you are broke and want to play wow, there was always the warmane private server and of course nostalrius, now that the Classic Expansions of WoW have been officially released again there is not much reason to go back and play on some of these servers.

In marketing it is suggested whenever a category or niche per say, is saturated that you must make a new category type for that market, crypto got NFT’s and Youtube got Shorts oh right, now that there are nothing special about classic private wow servers until they recreate how you actually play the game. Without a class. Yep, they made it so you can be a mage warrior, charging and casting arcane blast or whatever it is you can see all the enchantments and new classless wow they are marketing as. The concept is interesting, will there be more private servers that won’t be a failure and get sued for 88 million like WoWScape who pillaged a 3 million dollar bag from a half working private server that sold users a pay to win pass for a tbc private server. Is Ascension Classless any different? They seem to have quite the well made item shop that is connected to coinbase for purchasing their site credits. As you may know Code Deception Escrow Marketplace is somewhat similar.

Will let you know when we find the five minutes to waste on private servers, if these private servers are going to remain popular we may as well give our users a wow private server bot to use for them that is undetected. Apparently some people with an honorbuddy for private servers couldn’t stay undetected from a private server so they just moved on. When there is a problem, there is a solution. We may be the private server wow bot provider you rely on soon that we make sure of is that you stay safe. We pride ourselves in harnessing only safe bots and hacks, and what most developers don’t understand is that if you can remain on the public front page for your niche and be advertised as the go to wow private server bot, or just the go to wow bot or such and not get detected being the most known, then you best believe you don’t have to worry about being a saturated product either.

Why being invite only is not necessary when your security is the top level is simply because if blizz wants to get a spy into your invite only wow bot or such they will, so it’s funny to see some other projects that are remaining invite only not want more users thinking it will keep their current project safer. There is a russian wow bot that is private invite only now and they believe that staying small with a higher price tag will keep their developers satisfied and their users wow bots uninterrupted. I don’t think going private is necessarily the best solution to many problems, we all can take a few notes on how building walls too high can only fence us in figuratively speaking.